Bawumia’s wife is a Fulani – Fulani Chief Claims

Members of the Fulani Community in Ghana say they have had enough of what they see as persistent stereotyping of Fulanis as reprobate misfits within the Ghanaian society.

Accordingly therefore, leaders of the Fulani tribe have made a clarion call on President Mahama to as a matter of urgency, take steps to end what they observe to be a systematic victimization of Fulanis in Ghana.

At a press conference in Accra, yesterday, the elders and tribe-fathers of the Fulani Community in Ghana, led by Sheikh Prof. Osman Ban, a retired diplomat, also called on the Chairman of ECOWAS, President Mohammed Macky Sall, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon to intervene so that international conventions ratified by Ghana, including the ECOWAS protocol, which allow Fulanis admission in Ghana are not vandalized.

The call is in view of serious hostilities that have defined very chaotic relationships between Fulanis and members of some Ghanaian communities.

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