Bawumia Turns Corn Miller

The 20016 presidential and parliamentary elections, have been pushed back to December, and as usual, politicians are applying all kinds of antics to attract the electorates to their side and get their votes.

Leading the course, is the vice presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who has been spotted in a number of places, including one in which he is operating a corn mill machine, popularly called in local language as, “Nikanika”.

In a stripped polo shirt and a pair of black jeans, the PHD holder, who is virtually leading the NPP’s presidential nominee, Nana Akufo-Addo, for the third time, is all over the place, particularly on social media platforms such as; facebook, whatsapp, attracting several comments.

The corn mill pictures shared on Dr. Bawumia’s personal facebook wall on Friday July 22 at 13:14, has attracted over 80 comments and 277 shares, as at the time The Herald, visited the page last Saturday.

While, some commended the economist for his commitment to the victory of the NPP, others were left in shock, questioning what politics could reduce great men to.

The picture was designed with NPP colours with one of the party’s campaign message, saying “Manufacturing sector is on its knees and growing at negative 2%”, boldly written beneath the picture.

Under that information, is another one, reminding party supporters, to participate in the on-going verification exercise, by the Electoral Commission (EC).

The inscription written in block letters read, “Please check if your name is in the voters’ register to vote for change! 18th July- 7th August”.

Again, The Herald, has in its possession pictures of the former deputy Bank of Ghana (BoG) governor, riding in a canoe to some villages to canvass for votes for the NPP. The small canoe was overloaded and the 11 passengers, including Dr. Bawumia onboard were not wearing a life jacket to forestall any disaster on the river.

This picture, with the three times vice presidential candidate dressed in smock (batakari), crossing the obvious dangerous river with his entourage, has had some concerned Ghanaians, asking why the banker who is obviously aware of the many death in the Volta and Brong Ahafo Regions, as a result of boat disasters, will be riding a boat without protection.

It should be noted that, this is not the first time Dr. Bawumia, has been caught involved in these interesting gimmicks in election year for votes.

In 2012, while Dr. Bawumia, was seen pounding yam fufu in the northern part of Ghana with very heavy and thick fufu pistel, Nana Addo, was seen eating kenkey in a rickety vehicle (trotro) and drinking sachet water, as he had his bottled water close by.

Even though their supporters praised them for lowering themselves to the ordinary Ghanaian level, a large number of the electorates rejected them, because they saw their actions as fake.

The NPP, had mocked Prof. John Evans Atta Mills for descending to the lowest level to popularize “door to door” campaigning in 2008. Having greatly criticized the late President Mills at the time, Dr. Bawumia and his boss, Nana Addo in 2012, embarked on similar campaigns across the country, but they lost to President John Dramani Mahama.

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