Bawumia Must Stop Religious Politics -Baba Musah

I am a practicing Muslim and i think Dr Bawumia must stop bringing the good image of #Islam which in itself stand for peace into disrepute for his selfish and desperate ambition to becomea vice president.

If Dr Bawumia doesn’t know, I want to humbly remind him that, the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama of blessed memory was a practicing Muslim who swore by the Holy Quran in two different occasions as Vice President of Ghana. First on the 7th of January 2001 and on the 7th January 2005. Eight years after, being the most successful Vice President of Ghana as we were told by ex President Kuffuor. He put himself to lead NPP, where was Dr Bawumia, then? Did he campaign for the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama?
1. Between 2001 ~2008 where was Dr Bawumia when Muslim pilgrims went through embarrassing moments just to go to makkah under the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama as vice president of Ghana? 2. He Dr Bawumia went to Hajj last year 2015, under HE John Mahama -Amissah govt, did he experience the suffering and difficulties Muslims went through under the 8years of npp? 3. When npp was in power for 8, how many Muslims did he help to go to makkah, today that he wants power, he is touting his muslim credentials? Is Dr Bawumia not aware that under the President Mahama administration, which he described as non-representative of the people of Ghana, that the Tamale airport is being upgraded to an international status to enable Muslim pilgrims fly direct from Tamale to Jeddah?

Currently, a temporary hajj camp has been established at Tamale Airport, where in the past two years Muslim pilgrims gathered to depart to Accra with ease while arranments are being made by HE President Mahama-Amissah Arthur government to built a permanent Hajj Village as part of the second phase of the Upgrade of Tamale Airport. Simply put, Dr Bawumia is disgracing we Muslims with this divisive and religious comments. He must apologize to Ghanaians for such irresponsible and reckless religious comments.
Baba Musah.
Concerned Muslim.

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