The type of ticket Bawumia is asking for was voted for by Ghanaians between 2001 and 2008. What change did we see in the treatment of Muslims?

Hajj was carried out in a most inhumane manner. Muslims were left under the mercy of the sun at the El-Wak area. It took Christian-Christian ticket to create Hajj Village to give dignity to the journey to Hajj a privilege Bawumia enjoyed recently.

The NPP promised turning buildings at Nima a predominantly Muslim community from Horizontal houses to Vertical houses. Nima remained as it was when the NPP took over until they exited. Today, a Christian-Christian ticket has changed Nima roads, the large Nima gutter is receiving a massive construction of storm drain.

Ghana had voted a Christian-Muslim ticket when they were convinced. However, when it was time for a Muslim Aliu Mahama to taken over, he was virtually brushed off. He travelled to the party head office for vetting 10 minutes ahead of the time given him, only to meet an empty room as a sitting Vice President of the Republic.

If the NPP that Bawumia wants us to see, believed in giving credence to Muslims, Aliu Mahama would have been given the chance.
However, there is a historical perspective that we cannot forget. Muslims were regarded as Aliens who were virtually haunted out by an order called Aliens Compliance Order, where Muslims were to exit the country under the antecedents of the NPP of today UP.

We cannot be deceived. This Agenda Try Me (ATM) has reached its peak where it is not about what they can do but rather how to separate this peaceful country.

I will be called a hypocrite by not addressing a supposed statement made by the president ahead of the 2012 which the New Patriotic Party and its apologists are hanging on even till today to justify this reckless and irresponsible comment by Dr. Bawumia.

In the lead up to the 2012 elections, the NPP presented Bawumia a person seeking the 2nd position of the land to be voted for because he is from the North. In response, the president was clear when he stated, I am also from the North. I am seeking the 1st position. Between the 1st position and the 2nd position, you have your own who is also going for the 1st, choose the 1st because that is the highest.

It would take a dangerously brain to assume the president was being tribalistic then.

My people, you have a choice. It is about competence, it is about track record, it is about the ability to do. Akufo-Addo cannot be competent than Mahama. What is his record? Issuing diplomatic passports to drug barons, $1.8 million missing in diplomatic missions when he was Attorney General, wikileaks had its take of him, he is said to be disorganized which is evident in the NPP under him.

You have started a journey that must not be truncated. Going back to Try someone who has not proven competent to manage his home is like giving your brand new Bentley to a 12 year old son to learn driving.

Let’s continue what we started.


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