Bawumia Faces 2yr Jail Term?

Vice Presidential candidate of the opposition NPP, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia faces prosecution for breaking the electoral laws of the country.  Dr Bawumia was caught red handed with two junior officers of the EC and voter registration materials and equipment.

Dr Bawumia who has been silent on the matter since it broke over the weekend faces a two-year jail term or a fine of 10,000 cedis or both if found guilty.

Reports are rife that the two officers were bribed 10,000 cedis. The motive is still not clear but there is widespread anxiety and belief at Walewale and the entire Northern region that the culprits were invited to doctor the EC album.

The two EC officials, identified as James Ambrose and Mumuni Latifa were immediately dismissed when a vigilante group swooped on them upon a tip off. The District Electoral Officer, Benjamin Bamubio who confirmed this said the two and their accomplices face likely prosecution after thorough investigations.

The NDC is demanding an immediate action by the EC to send strong signals to the public

This newspaper has learnt the NDC has placed surveillance on him to thwart further attempts to influence the suspects to cover up.

Dr Mahamadu Bawumia who has for sometime now gone underground following pressure on him by critics who say the EC has finally exposed his lies about the voters register is silent.

Dr Mahamadu Bawumia who led the NPP’s failed agenda to discredit the voters register and the Electoral Commission has been accused of peddling falsehood in a desperate move to incite the public against the ruling party, NDC.

Dr Bawumia who was initially exposed after the EC panel of five report on its allegations threw out the spurious falsehood, used his inlaw, Abu Ramadan to sue the EC at the Supreme Court over the register.

His involvement in the breach of the EC regulations has surprised many. They are wondering what really could have influenced the same Dr Bawumia who has raised suspicions about the EC activity and insisted on a clean sheet on the electoral roll, will clandestinely connive with junior officers of the Commission to breach regulations.

Under EC’s regulations, only the following, a member of the EC Commission, Regional Directors and their deputies, District officers and supervising registration officers have the mandate to instruct or issue directives. Dr Bawumia who clearly knows the electoral laws and the consequences breached it.

“How would Dr Bawumia and the NPP have reacted if these EC junior officers had been arrested in an NDC man’s home?  What would the IMANI Ghana’s, IEA and those friends in the Christian Council, I mean Professor Martey and the rest be saying by now? Ghana would have been boiling with all kinds of false justifications. The EC cannot just sack its officials. It must investigate and prosecute,” Kisi Puamang, an angry resident lamented.

“Bawumia is well known for his lies. I heard Anthony Karbo claiming the allegation is false and the gentlemen went there to seek shelter because of rains. These dismissed officers know Bawumia’s house and have been well trained on the Electoral Laws. Is it mere coincidence that there were there when Bawumia was home and ready to be verified as Karbo wants us to believe?” Alhaji Gomda Yahaha, an NDC sympathizer fumed.

The NDC has vowed to lodge an official police report for investigations and possible arrest of Dr Bawumia.

It will be recalled that Dr Bawumia’s diabolical agenda against the EC started way back in December 2012 when his party’s flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo lost the Presidential elections.

During the election petition case, renowned legal Practitioner, Tsatsu Tsikata who could not contain his lies used false documents he presented before court to nail him.

Dr Bawumia, what I am saying to you is that the exhibit that you filed in this court only looked like they were more that 11,000 because you have duplicated and triplicated and I will come to quadruplicated…You bound them up in these duplications to give the impression of more than 11,000. You deliberately did that to mislead the court”… he fumed.

Tsatsu Tsikata became angrier when Bawumia insisted on his lies.

“Dr Bawumia, I have actually reminded you previously that you have sworn to tell the truth under an oath, your Holy Book, and I just remind you again that you defiled that HOLY BOOK as you tell untruths to this Court, (Supreme Court)”

Mr Tsikata cautioned further ..”And I also remind you at this stage, Dr Bawumia that you stand liable to the crime of perjury for things that you say are false on oath, whether they are in affidavit or whether you are in the witness box”

Though the NPP lost the Election Petition and the Court confirmed their evidence were cooked, Dr Bawumia was allowed to go scot free possibly in a way to calm down the tension the NPP had managed to create in the country.


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