Bawumia doesn’t deserve to be president; he is a failure – Kobby Mensah

17th July 2023

A Marketing and Political Communication lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Professor Kobby Mensah, has strongly criticized Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s aspirations to assume the presidency of Ghana.

Prof. Mensah expressed his disapproval of Dr Bawumia’s vision to position Ghana as a digital hub on the African continent if elected president in the 2024 presidential polls. The Vice President made this announcement during the submission of his nomination forms at the New Patriotic Party’s office.

During an interview on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, Prof. Mensah stated that Dr Bawumia should focus on addressing the country’s deteriorating economy, which was the primary reason he was chosen as a running mate in 2016.

“I just couldn’t believe that in the entire statement, he never mentioned the economy. This Vice President was single-handedly chosen for a particular reason and the reason was that he was going to change the fundamentals, he particularly said he was going to work to move the country from taxation to production to make sure that the economy of the country was resilient and robust which he has failed.

“If this Vice president wants us to take him to the apex of the ticket to become president of this country, then he must be honest with us and tell us what happened to his promise of moving the country from taxation to production”

Prof. Mensah further expressed his scepticism about Dr Bawumia’s potential election as president, suggesting that it would undermine the true essence of democracy.

“Until Bawumia speaks to the economic question of from taxation to production, we cannot believe, trust, and make him president of this country and if Ghanaians really think this man is fit to become president of this country, then we have undermined the meaning of democracy because if somebody performs, we appreciate and reward and if somebody fails, we do not reward and so what is he trying to tell us that though he couldn’t perform, we should reward him to become the president of this country.”

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