Bawumia deceiving Ghanaians with figures – VP Amissah-Arthur

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) running mate Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur has described Dr Mahamadu Bawumia’s lecture on the economy as full of lies.
Addressing party supporters at the launch of the NDC manifesto in Sunyani Saturday, the vice said the Dr Bawumia’s lecture on the economy is nothing short of politics and throwing figures about to deceive Ghanaians.

“Part of the problem is that they [NPP] are trying to use figures to bamboozle us to make use believe what they are saying is true,’ he said. “What they are saying is false and is not true.”

According to the vice president, he had wanted to respond the running mate of the NPP but he was advised by friends not to do so since Bawumia was only engaged in politics.
He also accused the NPP running mate of ‘spurious analysis’ when he claimed that the economy under the watch of the NPP under former president Kufour grew by almost 500 percent.

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Amissah Arthur said even if the economy were to grow by 8 percent per annum, it will take 9 years for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to double.

“How is it possible that the economy that was growing at 3%, 4% and so that in eight years some doctor is saying it grew by almost 500%[SIC].”
The vice president stressed that it not possible for the economy to have doubled to the level Dr Bawumia often quotes.

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