Bawku Municipal Chief Executive Misconducting Herself; Must Be Summoned And Cautioned

It is with heart break and surprise that we the youth of Bawku will like to use this medium to inform the general public on the current occurrence in Bawku. The Bawku Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Hajia Hawa Nichemah, who was appointed by President Nana Akuffo Addo to run the affairs of the municipality in the interest of the good people of Bawku and Ghana at large is rather limiting her oversight responsibility in a partisan and divide and rule manner.

It will surprise people to hear that, a project was awarded by the then John Mahama administration to construct a 6- unit and 3-unit classroom blocks at some schools in the municipality due to high enrollment in those school was relocated by this MCE to a pro-NPP stronghold with no reason.

Efforts by well-meaning agitated assembly members in and around Bawku who tried all possible means to stop the Hon. MCE from that unlawful act proved futile hence the need for them to issue a press release on behalf of the said communities. Both NDC, NPP and all residents of Bawku kick against the MCEs action and condemned the act with the greatest contempt.

Mr. President, we are calling on you to come to our aid because Hon. Hawa is incompetent and lacks the requisite knowledge to run the affairs of the area in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Her position today is merely official so any effort by her to factor in political sentiment will go a long way to jeopardize the success of your administration.

As a listening President, we are calling on you to take a drastic action against the MCE because silence means consent so the earlier you react to this issue the better for the smooth running of your government. We have in our possession documents from the assembly members and her office which corroborate our claims. In fact, the assembly members have again accused her of taking initiatives without their knowledge clearly contravening the local government law.

In the light of the above we humbly request your office to prevail upon Hon. Hawa Nichema to reverse immediately all illegal actions she took in diverting projects meant for citizens of the municipality. We believe you will heed our call because we are also Ghanaians.
Thank you.

Assibid Dauda
For and on behalf of the concerned citizens of Bawku Municipality.

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