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Badu Kobi is right but Nana Addo….. – Owusu Bempah

Nana Akufo Addo, presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), would win the December 7 polls and become president of Ghana by 2017, according to a prophecy put out by Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, General Overseer of Glorious Way Chapel, an Accra-based Christian prophetic ministry.

The Christian leader said he was speaking with maximum confidence and certainty that Nana Addo would emerge winner and nothing can change this, unless Nana Addo himself does not want to contest the elections.

This clear-cut statement from Rev Owusu Bempah comes as a rather controversial one, especially when another Christian leader, (trained by Owusu Bempah) Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Church International, has a slightly different message for the NPP candidate.

Badu Kobi has insisted that “if Nana wants to win the election, he knows what to do. If he doesn’t do it, President Mahama will once again snatch victory from him…spiritually, if you look at it, Nana Addo has won the election but how to make that manifest in the physical realm is another issue.”


Prophet Badu Kobi, still on the same issue, spoke to Restoration With Stacy: “There is someone in this land, I would say it on air, if the person wants to become president (of Ghana), he must purge himself. There is something holding the person from becoming a president. And I still don’t believe he would be president except he purges himself. Hmm.”

“It is not a matter of ‘men of God’. Sometimes, we miss it. He himself must ask himself, ‘I have gone sometimes’, if I mention it, Ghanaians would know the person. I have gone more than once, I am still not winning, I do not cross the 50 percent mark. What is my problem?

Sometimes [he gets] 49. 9 percent but never crosses the 50 percent. The person must ask himself what is happening. Why is it that I do not cross the 50 percent? But you see, the people in his party won’t ask this question.

They are only making a mistake by saying still ‘let’s get this person there. Why are they making a mistake? The person is affecting his party seriously. He would not ask himself certain questions and yet they say he is popular. Popular? It is affecting his party, it is affecting their finances.”


“Concerning what my son and brother, Prophet Badu Kobi said, he was very right and was speaking the truth. I know the things he was talking about and the revelations he put out. Badu Kobi was very right that Nana Addo has to avail himself to a man of God for particular type of prayers and intercession to be done for him. That was a very true prophecy and we are working on that aspect very very well.”

“Prayer warriors, pastors and intercessors are all tarrying in prayer for Nana Addo. Personally too, I have gone before God over this matter and doing some of the things Prophet Kobi said must be done before Nana Addo can become president. I can assure you we have broken things and this is a new Nana Addo. This new Nana Addo is spiritually sound, all curses have been broken and very soon we shall meet again one on one for further directions and consultations. There is no cause for alarm at all as far as the spiritual battles are concerned. Leave that aspect to me and to God. And I am telling you that God has told me Nana Addo shall be president on Ghana by the time we enter the year 2017.”

“Nana Akufo Addo would win this election. In 2012, when I prophesied that Nana would win, I spoke with a lot of caution. This time, I am telling you without any caution that Nana Addo would win the elections and nothing can change that. Nana Addo shall be president by the time we enter the year 2017. Physically, this election is for Nana Addo and spiritually it shall manifest. Just wait and see God do what He has promised,” Owusu Bempah told NEWS-ONE.


NEWS-ONE asked Owusu Bempah whether his credibility as a man of God would remain intact if God changes His mind about the prophecy on Nana Addo’s victory.

He explained, “It is true. God changes His mind but it depends on you the person the prophecy is about. For example, it was very true that God had spoken to Jonah that Nineveh would be destroyed. But after that message, the king and people of Nineveh went on their knees and prayed to God for mercy.”

“Everyone in that town went on a dry fasting. Even the animals and birds in the town were not given food and water. The king, the people and the animals of Nineveh fasted for three days without food and water. And God changed His mind. When Jonah complained, God said Johan has no case because he was only a messenger who had delivered the message that was sent through him. There were also other times when God said something through his prophets but later changed His mind because of how the people accepted the message and how what they did about it.”

“That was in the past. Now Nana Addo makes himself available. I have met Nana Addo personally over this prophecy and we shall meet again. It is not everything I can say in public. But I can assure you that God is working and the prophecy shall happen. There are many people who do not understand how Nana Addo behaves so they misjudge him. Let us leave it here because it is not everything we have to say.”

“The problem is that the NPP should be careful and vigilant. I am cautioning the NPP to be extra vigilant and watch against rigging and electoral malpractice which may work against the party. This caution is not a prophecy from God. It is a concern I am raising as a person and an important advice I am giving the party. But as for the victory, I said Nana Addo would have, it is a direct prophecy from God.”

“God can give you something but if you are not careful, someone would snatch it from you. There are examples in the Bible to show this. King David and the prophets had said Solomon would become the next king after his father, David. This was official and known to everyone. But another son of David, Adonijah snatched that gift from David and became the king.

It took Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, to run to a man of God, Prophet Nathan, before Solomon was able to become king to take back the throne from Adonijah. If Solomon’s mother had not run to seek the help of a prophet of God, Solomon would never have become king of Israel although the kingship had been given to him as a gift.

He had to fall on a prophet for directions on how to receive the gift God had promised him. So yes, God has given the presidency to Nana Addo but he and his party has to be vigilant and do the right things with all seriousness.”


“Yes I said so. But I said she would die if she does anything to rig the elections in favour of a losing candidate. God asked me to say it just as I said it. I am not scaring anyone. God does not want her to die that’s why He asked me to say it. God reveals to redeem. But if she dares manipulate figures and the results so not add up or match up, it would lead to a very bloody chaos and she would not survive it. I won’t kill her. I can’t even kill her. But if the elections get rigged, there would be an uprising and she would be one of the early casualties. This is what God told me. And I have said it. If God says it again, I shall repeat it.”


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