Back your prayers with efforts – John Mahama to Ghanaian youth

Ghana’s former President, John Dramani Mahama has advised the youth to add effort to their prayers if they expect to achieve results in all their endeavors.

According to the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress in the 2016 election, prayer is not answered if individuals do not put in some efforts towards achieving what they are praying for.

Citing an example with the youth who are yet to get married, the former President said “If you want to get married and you pray fervently without going out to social events, how do you get the connection and get married.

You need to attend social events like weddings, funeral, Church in order for you to be connected to that man or woman because that is how people got their partners”.

He indicated that the opportunity to go to heaven was very personal and depended on the pureness of one’s heart adding that people need to do good in all aspects of their lives.

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