Back off and mind your business – Ras Mubarak slams ‘coward’ Haruna Iddrisu

October 1, 2022

Ras Mubarak, a former member of parliament for Kumbumgu, has criticized the minority leader of parliament, Haruna, about the approaching internal elections of the opposition National Democratic Congress district. In a Facebook post, Ras Mubarak expressed his affection for the minority leader who is also the representative for Tamale South. According to the former member of parliament, the minority leader is attempting to interfere in impending internal party elections in areas outside of his jurisdiction.

“Those who believe they can sit in their respective seats and interfere with internal elections in other people’s territories should reconsider.” Haruna Iddrisu’s disruption of the region has been seen with indifference by party elders. You inquire as to who represents Ras Mubarak in constituency elections. It is not intelligence, but cowardice,” he wrote. Ras Mubarak cautioned Haruna Iddrisu from interfering in Kumbumgu’s internal party affairs, implying that he would not tolerate such behavior.

Others may choose to ignore it. I won’t. I take no prisoners. The party is ours in its whole. You would remain in your district and conduct business there. You wish to manage NDC by deciding who receives what and where? Not in Kumbungu. He continued, “Leave Kumbungu alone and mind your own business, Mr. Minority Leader.” Between 2017 and 2021, Ras Mubarak represented the people of Kumbumgu on the NDC ticket.

As the NDC prepares for its internal elections, a large number of party stalwarts, including future parliamentary candidates, are preparing to compete. However, it is unconfirmed whether the former representative intends to run in the 2024 general election on the NDC platform.

In contrast to the ruling New Patriotic Party, the NDC has yet to hold branch-to-national elections for party executives. The NPP, on the other hand, must now chose a flagbearer and a parliamentary candidate before the general elections in 2024, as all previous internal elections have been completed.

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