The Atebubu-Amanten DCE Hon Edward Owusu who has gained notoriety as an arrogant and disrespectful DCE is once again in the news for the bad reasons as he is on record to have openly insulted and attacked the integrity of the Atebubu Zongo Chief – Dufailu Moro Osman and questioned his authority over issues bothering the welfare, unity and peace of the inhabitants of the Zongo community and the Moslems in Atebubu and it’s environs.

It is on record that on Monday, the 29th of January, 2018 around 11:00am in the morning,Hon. Edward Owusu invited some opinion leaders in Zongo namely Alhaji lmam Abdul Baki – Atebubu District Chief lmam, lmam Alhassan the Atebubu District Chief lmam of the Ahli-sunna Waljamaat, Alhaji Yussif Amuda-the Atebubu Zongo Youth Leader ( Sarkin Samaari) and other important sub-tribal Zongo Chiefs to his office to discuss some issues concerning the management and welfare of a newly build ultra modern central mosque which was funded by a philanthropist and handed over to the Atebubu Zongo Chief and the Atebubu District Chief lmam to manage it on behalf of the Moslem community in Atebubu.

Grape vine information available to us from Atebubu has it that, the DCE after inviting them to his office, made it clear to the invitees, his invitation is to settle issues relating to misunderstandings over who should manage the new mosque, hence he will set up a committee as part of measures he is taking to find an amicable solution to the issues and brouhaha over the management of the central mosque. The DCE made the Elders aware that, he will not sit unconcern over the issue and for that matter he wants to establish a committee to manage funds and any other assets of the central mosque and related issues.
In response, the Atebubu District Chief Imam, drew the attention of the DCE that, he has no locus over such matters and they do not have any issue of that magnitude which is posing a security threat to the district. They also clearly made the DCE aware that, even if such matters exists, it is within the realm and powers of the Atebubu Zongo Chief to resolve as the Head and leader of the entire Zongo community.
The DCE who took offence over the comments made the lmam, banged his table, lnsulted and rebuked the Chief lmam and questioned what powers the Zongo Chief has? He openly made a statement in the full glare of the public that “The Atebubu Zongo Chief is no body” he has no locus to resolve such matters without he (DCE) given his blessings.The Atebubu Zongo Chief powers are limited, he cannot be more powerful than me the DCE hence the people should stop referring to the Zongo Chief than him( Hon Edward Owusu).
This arrogant posture and gross disrespect displayed by the DCE, shocked the opinion leaders and they all started exchanging words with him before they finally walked out of the DCE’s office.
As at the time of filing this report, there is growing tension in Atebubu Zongo and other settler communities as the news of the DCE allege misconduct and disrespectful nature is seen as an affront to all settler tribal leaders, their subjects and the Moslem community at large. Scores of residents of Atebubu whom we spoke to on this matter were angry with the allege behaviour of the DCE and said he has not only insulted the Atebubu Zongo Chief and his elders alone, but has equally by extension insulted the Omanhene of Atebubu Traditional Council – Nana Owusu Acheaw Obrempong l and his Chiefs and such misconducts must not be entertained. According to some residence of Atebubu town and it’s environs, since chieftaincy is people, an attack on their chief’s is an attack on the integrity and reputation of the people hence they are calling on Nananom, the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister and the Presidency to call the DCE to other before the issue gets out of hand.

For further clarifications and inquiries you can contact these numbers:
* Alhaji Yussif Amuda- Atebubu Zongo Youth leader-0247148414
*Alhaji Imam Abdul Baki-Atebubu District Chief imam – 0208236603
* Dufailu Moro Osman – Atebubu Zongo Chief – 0208235538

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