Women have always and shall always remain a strong pillar in the race of humanity. Women have since creation, given meaning to human life.

In the Good Book, it has been established that a man shall be the head of the house. However, the tail has not been determined. A clear indication that man does not have the power to assume status not ascribed to him.

Indeed, before a woman becomes a partner to a man, the process that she is taken through is dignifying. A significant sign to show that women are of value to men.

It is also an established fact that, women of today, unlike in the past, have proven themselves worthy of the challenges the world throws at them.

Unlike was the case in the past where women were naturally seen to be made for the upkeep of our homes, the woman of today has a different outlook. As a matter of fact, every modern man has a different perspective from where he sees a woman – sister, wife, mother, daughter, classmate, achiever, business partner, competitor, among many others.

Yes, women have, over the years, stood side by side to challenge men and in many cases, proven more capable.

In this light, it requires a primitive man to assume the woman of today to be of the same standard many years ago.

A modern man would waste no time to undermine the potentials of a women and what they offer to society.

Interesting enough, and if we will all be truthful to ourselves, women, from the days we started school, have many times made us sweat to make better grades than them.

Today, even as we sit in class, I can personally understand how married women with children even stretches a hand of torture to men during examinations. In the nut shell, women beat many men academically.

Many a times, most people retort that education alone should not be the yardstick to measure the achievements of people as well as to determine their potentials. However, we can all attest to the fact that, to pick up any official position, certificates are required which are the determinant for measuring one’s eligibility to occupy a position.

The world over, women have shown why they deserve to be part of the decision making process. Apparently, all decisions affect every human being and for that matter, women who would also be recipients of such decisions can only be part of them.

Indeed, observing the level at which a sitting member of parliament had descended, and looking at the loud silence of the various women groups that would have ceased no opportunity to mince words if it was coming from different quarters, women can be said to have established the mantra that “women are their own enemies”.

It is disheartening that someone who sits in the house of parliament and “debate” as well as pass laws for you and I to be governed would stoop this low.

How on earth, could it be, that, we have allowed this calamity to dwell on us over these years? It has been long established through the actions of the member of parliament that, he simply cannot take personalities out of discussion.

If there were any doubts about the credentials of the head of the Electoral Commission, not her academics. At least, unlike some individuals seeking power who are unable to prove their classmates, let alone their certificates, Charlotte Osei has class mates she would not shy from mentioning. At least, in the latest piece by Ace Ankomah, he had seen Charlotte Osei in the university.

It must be condemned in no uncertain terms, any comments made that seeks to undermine the dignity and sanctity of our achieving women in society.

The attacks on the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission are misdirected. Indeed, as Chairperson of the commission, she declares results that comes to her table. Indeed, she could only declare what she had seen and nothing else.

Gradually, the political tension is being increased and we must watch it. How logical would it appear to assume Mrs. Charllote Osei would declare results other than what she would obtain after the elections results which are confirmed by all political parties from the polling station levels.

If for nothing at all, respect must be accorded the office of the Electoral Commission no matter who occupies that office.

We have seen many women appointed to strategic positions in this country. I would not want to adopt any primitive tendencies as a young man, to think anything other than their competence. Not more from a member of parliament who is expected to reason above the ordinary.

I am just an individual, you are an individual. You have a mother, a sister, or a female friend. You know what women mean to you. You know how they have proven strategic in our lives. Speak up. Depart from your political affiliation and condemn such acts. If you fail, others will fail to stand for you. Commendations to Honourable Hanna Tetteh and the other women in society who found it expedient to speak on this matter. I salute you all.


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