The Ashanti Regional Youth wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has written to ask about the state of the docket in relation to the 13 members of the Delta Force (DELTA 13) who were charged for the invasion of the Regional Coordinating Council and attack on the President’s appointee for Regional Security Coordinator.

In an open letter addressed to Mr. Kweku Baako, a journalist, asking for his assistance to as they put it, “seek some clarifications from government on some issues of public interest which threaten the security of our nation”, the group wanted to know the state of the investigations said to have been initiated by the Attorney General.

The letter signed by the Youth Organiser Yaw Brogya Genfi and copied to GBCONLINE ( further asked about when the case involving the ‘freed DELTA 8’ will be re-opened, three months after the announcement of an investigation by the Attorney General.

They hoped that the experienced journalist will help them ‘get results for the nation’.

Please find the full Open Letter below:


August 21, 2017.

Dear Mr Abdul Malik Kweku Baako,

Greetings from the entire NDC YOUTH in Ashanti Region.

We pray you are well by the grace of Allah the Most Merciful.
We write to you to assist us seek some clarifications from government on some issues of public interest which threaten the security of our country.
It is our expectation that you will assist us carry our concerns to government through your Crusading Guide Newspaper and your media advocacy.

As one of the Senior Journalists in our Country, we believe that every government will consider your views and editorials important for nation building.

It is not our intention to write a lengthy piece so allow us to go direct to the issues.


1. Chief, on 24th March 2017, more than 200 Macho men who are part of the NPP Militia group called Delta Force stormed the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council and attacked the President’s appointee for Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator in broad day light in the presence of the Police. (“Vandalism: 200 NPP ‘Delta Force’ attack Ashanti Regional Security Capo” – 24th March 2017)

2. The National Chairman of NPP openly accepted responsibility of the unlawful action by the Delta Force and facilitated their travel to Accra to meet with President AkufoAddo.
(“NPP’s Delta Force travels to Accra to render apology to President” – 30th March 2017)

3. The President during a courtesy call at the Mahyia Palace assured the Occupant of the Golden Stool (Sika Dwa), Otumfuo Osei Tutu Ababio that he (President) was going to deal with these miscreants with an iron fist. (“Akufo-Addo apologizes to Otumfuo over Delta Force attack” – 1st April 2017)

4. Later, the Police told the nation a ‘cock and bull’ story that they could identify only 20 members of the Delta Force engaged in the attack on the Security Coordinator.

5. Now, instead of presenting all the 20 Delta Force members identified to Court for Prosecution, the Police told a Kumasi Court presided over by Mrs Mary Senkyire that they could account for only 13 and that the remaining 7 are at large. The Magistrate remanded the accused persons present in court and subsequently issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the 7 who did not appear in Court. This is how the media arrived at what has come to be known as “Delta 13”.

6. Immediately after the court order, these guys who the Police claim were not identifiable, yet were hanging around the court, forcibly entered the Court room in a Rambo style and freed their accomplices, leaving the Magistrate and Court officials to run for their lives.
(“Delta Force storms Court; set suspects free” – 6th April 2017)

7. Again, the Police came back with another tainted story that they could arrest only 8 persons related to the Court disruption. That is how the media came up with another name “Delta 8”. (“Police arrest 8 men over escape of 13 Delta Force members” – 6th April 2017)

8. Editor, we were told that the “Delta 13” after escaping from lawful custody had turned themselves in to the Police. They were later sanctioned to simply pay a fine to wash themselves completely off the case of escaping from lawful custody. (“Delta Force 13 fined Ghc 31,200 for escaping lawful custody” – 11th April 2017)

9. The cases at the courts relating to the Delta Forces were then reduced to two; “Delta 13″ and Delta 8”.

10. The Attorney General (who is an appointee of the President, leader of the NPP – a party that claims responsibility of the Militia group) wrote to request for the dockets from court to study for further action. (“AG requests for docket on eight Delta Force ‘rescuers'” – 18th April 2017)
10. On 16th May 2017, the court was presented with a response from the Attorney General. It was a nolle prosequi – meaning the state was no longer interested in the matter. The “Delta 8” were accordingly discharged by the Court. They walked freely from the courts to continue their usual business for the NPP and the President. (“Court frees 8 Delta Force members” – 17th May 2017)

11. Chief, I heard for the first time from you through a text message to a political talk show, Ekosii Sen on Asempa FM in Accra that the Attorney General had denied knowledge of the said nolle prosequi issued to the court. You made the point that the Attorney General had expressed her interest to investigate this matter.

12. Lo and behold, the Minister of Information issued a statement to confirm your text message that Government through the Attorney General had initiated an investigation into the matter. (“AG orders probe into release of ‘Delta 8’ suspects” – 18th May 2017)

13. The Police in their usual cover-up strategy came out strongly that they were going to rearrest the “Delta 8” and press charges with the necessary evidence. (“Police re-opens investigation into ‘Delta Force 8’ case” – 26th May 2017)


1. It has been three months now since the “Delta 8” walked freely from Justice and the announcement of an investigation by the Attorney General into the matter. What is the state of the investigation purportedly to have been initiated by the President’s appointed Attorney General?

2. What is the state of the re-opening of the freed ‘Delta 8’ docket?

3. What is the state of the Bench Warrant issued by the Magistrate, Mrs Mary Senkyire on 6th April 2017 for the arrest of the remaining 7 accused persons the Police claim to have identified relative to the alleged assault on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator? Remember the “Delta 13” is originally “Delta 20” according to the Police.

4. What is the state of the docket with the Attorney General on the “Delta 13”? Remember President Akufo-Addo falsely stated that he wanted justice to take its course and that the case was still in court during his recent ‘Cabinet Meet the Press’ at the Flagstaff House.
(“Invincible and Delta Force gave me bad publicity” – 19th July 2017)

5. How does this lawless Akufo-Addo government expect the nation to accept that the Police could not properly identify these members of their Militia group in both attacks on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator and the Court in the face of numerous available video evidence on social media and even in the traditional media? Is it not the same Police that used available video evidence on social media to identify and arrest the alleged murderers of Late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama?

Chief, these questions and many others that threaten the security of our nation is what we respectfully write for you to follow up for us.
We trust you can get results for the nation.

Thank you.


For: Ashanti NDC Youth Wing
Yaw Brogya Genfi
(Youth Organizer)

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