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Ashanti Chiefs Unhappy With Akufo-Addo

Chiefs and people in towns such as; Nyinahini, Nkawie, Mpasaaso in the Ashanti Region, have vowed to resist any attempt by the Akufo-Addo government to stop Exotic Cubic from mining bauxite in the area.

The chiefs are unhappy with the government; they insist, if the Kibi and Awaso in the Eastern and Western regions, can have their Bauxites being mined, the people of Nyinahini in the Ashanti Region, also want to see and feel the benefits of a bauxite mine in their locality.

“Bauxite is being mined in areas such as Awaso, Kibi, if it is also done in the Ashanti Region, won’t it be good, don’t we also deserve it as well” the chiefs rhetorically questioned the Akufo-Addo government.

They openly told President Akufo-Addo, what is good for Kibi his hometown, is equally good for the people of Nyinahini in the Ashanti Region.

Government led by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, wants to give the Nyinahini concession to Chinese for US$15 billion, but the chiefs, prefer Exton Cubic, and are demanding that government immediately allows the company linked to businessman, Ibrahim Mahama of Engineers and Planners (E&P) to mine bauxite in the area.

The chiefs are outraged by actions of Akufo-Addo government led by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, who seized equipment belonging to the company, on claims that he was unaware of the company’s presence at Nyinahini, a mining community.

The chiefs and the town folks, argue that Nyinahini just like many other towns in the Eastern Region, deserves to benefit from its natural resources and so any attempt by government to stop it will not be countenance.

Their comments are a sharp departure from claims by the regional minister that, he was not in the know of the exploits of Exotic Cubic Company Limited.

The chiefs at a press conference, said they are not only aware of the presence of the company; Exton Cubic in the area, but they have sighted documents allowing the company to work which they are in support of, adding two foreign companies allowed into the concession area, had abandoned the site but Exton Cubic has shown its commitment .

The press conference which was attended by chiefs, queen mothers, elders and the youth was led by Nkawiepenhene, Nana Kusi Amankwah Amoafo II, who was flanked by chiefs of Mpasasohene and Nyinahini.

According to the chiefs, they fully support the work of Exton Cubic Limited and are happy the indigenous Ghanaian company, has the bauxite concession, because the company is credible and they are of the firm believe that, when it is allowed to go ahead, the youth in the area, will be employed to help improve living their standards.

Nana Kusi Amankwah Amoafo II, who was emphatic about their position, said the area won’t sit down for this opportunity to slip by.

Speaking in the Twi dialect, Nkawiepenhene said, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, was a genuine businessman who they know and has shown enough capacity to work.

He said, they are prepared to give the younger brother of ex-President John Mahama, their fullest support, because aside he being Ghanaian, he was credible, unlike the two foreign companies which came to the area to mine in the mineral, but left without a word.

Nana Kusi Amankwah Amoafo, mentioned the two as Aqua Aluminium Company Limited and Vermetico Limited, who vanished into thin air in the past.

The chief who was impressively supported and cheered on by others chiefs, queen mothers, elders and opinion leaders and the ordinary people, described Mr. Mahama as their son, grandson and royal from Nyinahini, insisting they won’t sit down for others to maltreat him.

“Ibrahim Mahama is our, grandson, he is our royal. His roots are from here Nkwawiepenin. His home is Nana Kweku Tutu house behind my Palace. He’s bringing something valuable and profitable. His plans will go a long way to compliment successive government agenda for job for the people, job for all”, the chief concluded.

Last Monday, in a new twist to the never ending drama on bauxite exploration in that part of the country, the Lands and Natural Resources Minister, John Peter Amewu declared as invalid and of no effect, a mining lease granted Exton Cubic Ltd.

The Minister had early on approved of the exploration and urged Simon Osei-Mensah to release equipment owned by Exton Cubic, equipment which had been seized by

After consulting with the Attorney General, the Lands and Natural Resources Minister made a u-turn, describing the mining contract issued to Exton Cubic as invalid.

At a press conference held in Accra, John Peter Amewu, cited Exton Cubic’s failure, to obtain an environmental permit, operational permit for exploration, as bases for the revocation of the mining lease.

He also raised some statutory infractions he claimed, the company may have violated for government’s decision.

The company was, however, yet to be notified of the decision taken by the government.

Citing the mining law, the minister said, he had the right under the law to terminate a mining license of a company, if there has been some infractions.

Peter Amewu, confirmed the seized equipment owned by Exton Cubic was yet to be released.

He added after the licenses have been revoked, the company does have every right under the law to correct all anomalies and reapply.

But the company whose license was granted on December 29, 2016 insists it followed due process in the acquisition of the mining license.

Even after the Minerals Commission and the EPA both issued statements about several breaches of the mining laws, the company was vehement in defense, stating they followed due process at every turn of the way.

It is not clear yet what the company will do in the light of the position taken by the Natural Resources Minister.

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