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Asamoah Gyan Promised To Give Any Amount Of Money To Rape Victim Sarah Kwablah – Sarah’s Lawyer Exposes Whatsapp Message In Court

The case involving 4 persons; Sarah Kwablah, Osarfo Anthony, Chris Handler, and Ekow Micah, who are standing trial for allegedly extorting money from Black Star footballer Asamoah Gyan, was heard on Thursday, 28th January, 2015, for further cross-examination of Samuel Annim Addo, Asamoah Gyan’s manager.

Defense counsel for the 3 accused, Dr. Maurice Ampaw, continued his cross-examination of Sammy Annim. In his cross examination, he told the court that Samuel Annim once sent him a Whatsapp message in which Sammy Annim, stated that if Asamoah Gyan fucked Sarah Kwablah and so…..

“My lord, Sammy Annim sent me lawyer Maurice Ampaw a Whatsapp message and in the message he said…my lord sorry the word he used is a bit unpleasant for me to say… he said and I’m quoting him, “If Asamoah Gyan fucked her and so…?” lawyer Ampaw told the court.

On records, lawyer for Asamoah Gyan, lawyer Kissi Agyabengg, had told the media last year that Asamoah Gyan had sex with Sarah Kwablah but insists it was a consensual affair between Asamoah Gyan and the victim Sarah Kwablah.

Sammy Annim, in his response, told the court that he never sent any such message to the celebrated lawyer – – though the lawyer claims he has the message on his phone and will tender it as evidence in court when he opens his defense in court.

The cross-examination, which made the court room highly silent and tensed, saw lawyer Ampaw ask Samuel Annim if he is aware Asamoah Gyan sent a Whatsapp message to Sarah Kwablah, quoted, “I will give you any amount of money in this world.

“That was after Sarah sent a picture of her sodomized back with blood coming out to Asamoah Gyan. Sarah replied in the Whatsapp chat “I hate you 7 times. She repeated the hate you 7 times in the chat my lord” – Sammy Annim told the court he has no knowledge of that.{GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com}

Sammy Annim had told the court earlier in cross-examination that Asamoah Gyan never told him anything about his affair with Sarah Kwablah – so lawyer Ampaw put it to Sammy Annim that he is not being truthful to the court, because, he Sammy Annim sent a Whatsapp message to Sarah in which he indicated, he quoted, “I am aware of everything from day one.”

Again, Samuel Annim denied having sent any such message to Sarah. “Asamoah Gyan directed you Sammy to confirm A1’s (Sarah) pregnancy at the hospital” lawyer Ampaw put it to Samuel Annim — which the latter admitted is true.

Lawyer Ampaw smartly then asked Sammy Annim, “You have already told this court that you have no knowledge of the affair between Asamoah Gyan and A1 (Sarah) because Asamoah Gyan never told you anything about their affair – – so how did you get to know that Sarah got pregnant?

Samuel Annim then told the court Asamoah Gyan told him about the pregnancy after 3 months when Sarah claimed she is pregnant – – a contradictory position that left some people in the court room to murmur.

Lawyer Ampaw rested his cross-examination for next adjournment date which is expected to see the playing of some audio conversations of the 4 accused – – allegedly conspiring to extort money from Asamoah Gyan which Samuel Annim tendered as evidence in chief. Next adjournment date for hearing is 8th Feb, 2016.


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