Arrest “criminally minded” Martey – Group

A group calling itself Friends of National Unity wants the outgone moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, investigated over allegation that politicians tried bribing him with $100,000.

According to Prof. Martey, two politicians came to his residence when he was in office to induce him with the whopping sum as a way of gagging him from scolding the government.

The group believes such allegation cannot be swept under the carpet and has appealed to the security agencies to arrest the Man of God for questioning.

“The revelations by the so-called man of God is so damning to the extent that, sweeping it under the carpet, with an a excuse that, he is a man of God will amount to doing a lot of disservice to this great nation of ours,” the group stated.

Below is its full unedited statement:

“Touch not my anointed” and they hide under this phrase and commit all manner of crimes”

We the above mentioned group is calling on the security agencies to as a matter of urgency arrest Professor Emmanuel Martey for interrogations and investigations.

The revelations by the so-called man of God is so damning to the extent that, sweeping it under the carpet, with an a excuse that, he is a man of God will amount to doing a lot of disservice to this great nation of ours.

Just a few days ago, his colleague man of God, Bishop /Angel, Daniel Obinim was accused of defrauding someone of gold, juxtaposing that with the outburst of professor Emmanuel Martey, one can only afford to come to conclusion that, indeed God alone is a Christian and as such, we should not think that people in cassock are incapable of committing crimes.

We also want to state it clear without fear or favour that, in our 1992 constitution, both the giver and the taker of a bribe are both guilty of the same offence. It is in this vein that, we think the so-called man of God should have done what is Godly by reporting these people to the appropriate authorities for justice to take its full scale on the culprits instead of indulging in the media to prosecute those quacks if indeed he wants Ghanaians to take him serious.

Now that, he has fallen short of living up to this basic civil responsibility, then we sincerely think he has reneged his responsibility as a patriotic citizen and in that light, he is equally guilty of the crime that, he is accusing others of and we think this is unacceptable and unbecoming of a man of God of his calibre.

We also want to add that, Friends of National Unity (FONU) as our name suggests, are peace loving individuals who have the country at heart and we cherish peace and unity so dearly that, we would not sit down with our hands folded for self-seeking individuals like professor Emmanuel Martey to plunge this country into chaos. This is a man who is on retirement so when this country is set ablaze, he indeed has nothing to lose.

Since his unfortunate outburst yesterday, he has succeeded in driving a wedge further deep into an already polarised country of ours. One may ask, what prevents a man of God to be forthright with the truth? Your guess could be as good as ours.

We have painstakingly decided to ask the following questions which are begging for answers.
1. Which political party attempted to bribe him?
2. What prevents him from mentioning the said political party’s name?
3. Is he not fueling more tension in the country with this reckless and irresponsible comments of his?
4. If he knows that he did not want Ghanaians to know the specific political party that is involved in trying to bribe him, then why must he come out to spew such scandalous pronouncements? In summary what did he intend to achieve by such comments, if not for the purposes of naming and shaming?

It is in view of the above mentioned questions that, we think the so-called man of God should do Ghanaians good by coming out to mention the political party that is involved in this bribery allegations, so that a chill could be put on the on-going acrimonious banter that has seen the two major political parties being on each other’s throat since he went public with these allegations, thanks to professor Martey for setting up the two major political parties to be on each other’s throat.

We the above group wants to assure him that, if by close of tomorrow 1/9/2016 nothing tangible is heard from him, we would not hesitate to force him to come out and name the said political party that is involved in this bribery scandal. We will use him as scape goat for like-minded individuals to desist from this trajectory of just saying things with impunity because for now his motive is still not clear and it is about time peace loving individuals stand up to some of these Nation wreckers who seek refuge in religion to foment troubles in this our rather peaceful country.

Long live mother Ghana
Long live Friends for National Unity

Kofi seidu

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