Appointees at Flagstaff House making ‘filthy money’- Kennedy Agyapong

New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand, Kennedy Agyapong continues to descend on some appointees of the current government observing that their actions and inactions are disgracing the party he labored for.

On Oman Fm’s Boiling Point on Thursday, he alleged that a number of appointees at the seat of government are making filthy money indicating that some persons are demanding bribes in return for jobs.

“Me and my mouth I will say it. Workers and Flagstaff House will disgrace us…..filthy money…. everyone is demanding for money….I will not step foot there again whatever they want to do they can go ahead and do it”, he revealed during a discussion.

Just last week, he warned the president to be careful because most of those he has surrounded himself with describing them as sycophants whose sole interest is to use his name to further their corrupt agenda.

Mr. Agyepong, who said part of the reasons why the NDC lost was because of the refusal of party members to speak out against the corrupt behavior of Ibrahim Mahama, said he will not sit and allow that to happen to the president.

He said one Duke Ofori-Attah and Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko have hijacked the president from everyone and are using their positions to engage in acts that could derail the party’s fortunes and sink the president’s image.

…”The President should watch the people he has surrounded himself with….If NDC had been bold and condemned the likes of Ibrahim Mahama and Randy Abbey they wouldn’t have found themselves in Opposition”

Mr. Agyepong said he will continue speaking the truth until he dies and nothing will stop him.

“I will plead with NPP especially those who are closer to him to be courageous and tell him the truth because your pretentious deeds are destroying the man.”

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