Appoint socrates sarfo as Creative Arts Minister – Celebrities For Mahama-Coordinator

Mr Mustapha Ayinde Nii Okai Inusah popularly known as Nii Attractive, the coordinator of “celebrities for Mahama” has urged Nana addo to appoint Socrates Sarfo as creative arts minister if he wishes to achieve any positives in the creative arts industry.

Speaking to at the time that some posters and debates are already on going in the creative arts industry as to who Nana Addo should appoint as minister of Creative Arts, he said that all the celebrities that campaigned for Nana Addo are very intelligent and very experienced to handle the Creative Arts Ministry .

According to him, if asked to chose one amongst all those personalities he classified as intelligent he will settle on Socrates Sarfo.

As to why he will go in for Socrates Sarfo, he said that Socrates Sarfo apart from being experienced and intelligent has also worked hand in hand with the The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts under President Mahama.

“Socrates Sarfo is not just a movie maker, he cuts across and understands the industry better. He also worked and contributed a lot behind the scenes to ensure the success of the then Creative Arts Ministry under President Mahama”.

The coordinator who congratulated Nana Addo for winning the recent elections added that, though Socrates did criticize the ministry under president Mahama, he contributed to most of the successes the ministry chalked.

He ended by saying that the Creative Arts Ministry needs industry players to handle hence even if Socrates Sarfo is not appointed, he will still suggest Nana appoints any of the stars or industry plauers who campaigned for him and believes in his policies.

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