Anyidoho ‘threatens’ Mosquito: Retract your expulsion letter in 72hrs or I sue

A former Deputy General Secretary of the biggest opposition (NDC), Mr Samuel kOKU aNYIDOHOhas given the General Secretary of the party, Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia, and its other leaders, a 72-hour ultimatum to retract a notice of his expulsion from the party or face him in court.

Mr Anyidoho also wants Mr Nketia to set aside the recommendations of the National Disciplinary Committee with regard to his expulsion since, according to him, they are “founded on an illegality and is void ab initio”.

Mr Anyidoho was sacked from the NDC a few weeks ago, for anti-party behaviour.

He alleges his expulsion is a vile personal vendetta against him by Mr Nketia.

In a letter addressed to Mr Nketia in connection with his expulsion, Mr Anyidoho noted that he was never a party, nor privy to any disciplinary proceedings against him, as required by the constitution of the NDC.

“In your expulsion letter, which, you, in true gutless fashion, have failed to serve on me personally, you state that I was expelled for anti-party conduct and indiscipline. I must state that these terms are so broad, vague, amorphous and can be subjected to gross abuse as has been in the present case”, Mr Anyidoho argued.

“What really constitutes anti-party conduct?” Mr Anyidoho asked in his letter.

He further asked: “Article 47(G) of the NDC’s constitution enjoins all party members to uphold the fundamental human rights and freedoms as enshrined in Chapter 5 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, so, how come you are, per your arbitrary actions, violating my rights as a citizen of Ghana?”

“Does your arbitrariness also not breach the constitution of the NDC and amount to anti-party conduct? Must you also not be expelled for blatantly breaching the constitution of our great party? Or do you only reserve this honour for the people you hold a personal vendetta against?” he wondered.

The embattled former Deputy General Secretary stated that he has been and will continue to remain a very loyal member of the NDC and glued to the party’s values of unity, stability and development, which, according to him, are “evidenced by the diligence that characterised my work at the presidency with His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills of blessed memory.”

“You, sir, never worked at the presidency, yet you choose to rant about my working relationship with President Atta Mills, hitting at my integrity and claiming ‘I created problems for President Mills’. Do you have any concrete evidence to back such loose vicious talk? Or is your vile vendetta against me so strong that it is causing you to conjure imaginative untruths?”

He reminded Mr Nketia that: “I worked as your deputy for four years (acting in your stead on countless times when you were either on leave or on official assignments) with an unblemished record, thus, it comes as no surprise, your inability to question my sincerity, loyalty and work ethics and makes it sufficiently clear that you deliberately made ill-intentioned remarks about my working relationship with President Atta Mills just to score some cheap points. I implore you to provide even a shred of true evidence that I ever created any problems for you.”

Mr Anyidoho further said the party failed to serve him with any hearing notice and, therefore, wonders why the executives rushed to banish him from the party, adding: “And, even more concerning to me is how such a respectable party headed by such learned and esteemed persons, could make a procedural blunder this juvenile and ill-advised? The answer is that it was purely and coldly calculated.”

Mr Anyidoho stated that he will be forced to seek redress in the courts of law if he is not reinstated as a member of the party within 72 hours, insisting that he would not be pushed out of the NDC for reasons borne out of nothing but malicious perfidy.

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