Anthrax as deadly as Ebola – Health expert

Ghanaians should be very worried about anthrax in the country because it is as deadly as Ebola, Head of Public Health of the Veterinary Services of Ghana Dr Bashiru Boi Kikimoto has said.

Two persons have already died from the disease in the Upper East Region, prompting veterinary officers to confiscate beef being kept in homes in the region.

Speaking to Class News, Dr Kikimoto expressed worry about the little attention given to the spread of the disease which he has described as deadly.

The medical officer said, “People should be very worried because anthrax is one of the most dangerous diseases Ghana has had but nobody has paid attention to it, and then Ebola came.”

He said the symptoms of the disease are similar to that of Ebola.

“Actually the symptoms of this particular disease, especially when it is the inhalation part of the disease, which is the systemic anthrax, it is exactly like Ebola…you will bleed from the nose, mouth, and eyes,” explained Dr Kikimoto.

“And the bowel type, which is the gastrointestinal one, you also bleed from the anus and you die.

“Last year in the Ashanti Region, over 15 people died but the media didn’t take it up and, this year, look at the first quarter, we are having deaths in the Upper East….I will advise all Ghanaians to take note that anthrax is endemic in Ghana but the good luck is that we have the vaccine, which is produced in a temporary veterinary laboratory, to contain the disease”.

He advised Ghanaians to be cautious of the kind of meat they eat, the source of the meat, and method of cooking them.

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