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I have tried as much as possible to stay out of the inexorable blame game ongoing in the NDC. I believe all of us must take responsibility for our defeat.

It is unconscionable and senseless for no less a person than the Greater Accra regional organizer, Anthony Nukpenu to blame Mr Rawlings for our defeat.

The NDC won the 2012 election without the support of Mr Rawlings. When the NDC won the 2012 election, we were told of how strategic the regional executives have been in helping the president secure a first round win.

We boasted of how the president used less than three months to beat Nana Addo who had campaigned to be elected President since 1998. For any right thinking party executive to blame Mr Rawlings for our defeat beats my imagination. Was he high on something hazardous?

Mr Rawlings did not join our campaign. That is a fact. Admittedly, Mr Rawlings was indifferent to our success at the polls. All of us knew these basic facts before the election. But can we blame him for taking that decision?

Nukpenu and his coterie of political hangers-on knew about this before they promised to increase our parliamentary seats to 25 and increase the presidential votes. They knew about Mr Rawlings’ absence on the campaign trail before they engaged in that lousy funfair and money grabbing thing they called house to house campaign.

Nukpenu should not be the one lecturing us on who caused our defeat. Apart from riding in air-condition induced SUVs and wearing a cowboy-like hat to hoodwink unsuspecting “predators”, what exactly did he contribute to the campaign as regional organizer?

Even when it was clear that we were losing the election, he and Ade Coker organized a press conference to lie that we were cruising to victory. If the NDC had won the election, I am not too sure he will attribute our win to Mr Rawlings.

They lied to the whole world that Mr Rawlings will be at the last regional rally. Has he apologized for that gaffe? Has he apologized for the abysmal performance of the NDC in the region? It is a mockery of his own intelligence to push the blame on Mr Rawlings.

What did he do as regional organizer to avert the things he said Mr Rawlings did to hurt our chances?

As regional organizer, he failed to do his job. How many times did he visit a constituency like Domeabra Obom during the campaign? Nukpenu and co have failed us and they must shut up. In any civilize society, he would have resigned his position the very day we lost the election.

Like I said, we are all to blame for our defeat. What he has done exposes his own incompetence. It tells us that he is one of the square pegs in round hole we elected to run our campaign in the region.

Lets find ways to reorganize and come back in 2020 stronger rather than engage in this brainless blame game. It is worthless and he, Nukpenu in particular, must shut up.

What do you think?

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