Anita Desoso attacks Jewel Ackah over his allegations of being abandoned

Anita Desoso, who is the National Vice Chairperson of opposition National Democratic Congress has come down hard on ace musician Jewel Ackah for some comments made by the latter.

The legendary highlife musician is believed to have said that the NDC had neglected him to his fate after he had given up his musical career to push the political agenda of the party. The living legend recently received some monetary boost from media house, Zylofon Media. It is reported that he was handed a sum of $10,000 in cash.

The musician indicated that he had been abandoned by the party in his desperate times.

However, the NDC party big wig begs to differ on the stance of the ace musician. Speaking on Accra-based Montie FM, the party member indicated that the musician was being ungrateful with his comments. The National Vice Chairperson said that the party had been there for the musician so making such comments was not in good fate.

She added that the party had showed him love when they were in power so his current fortunes should not cause him to forget what the party had done for him when he showed his support to them. She indicated that even the ruling New Patriotic Party had some members who had helped the party but the party was yet to attend to their plight.

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