Anas’ investigators are criminals too – Sacked judge

One of the judges sacked as a result of the judicial corruption scandal has accused some of the investigators who worked with journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas on the landmark project of engaging in criminal activities.

According to dismissed Circuit court Judge, Justice I.B. Akwantey, one of his indicted colleagues exposed one of the investigators during the in-camera hearing of the cases against them.

He said the disgruntled judge identified the investigator and narrated to the committee why he (the judge) sacked him as his interpreter in a Koforidua circuit court.

The expose’ by Anas and his Tiger Eye PI investigation team led to the dismissal of 21 lower court judges and several workers of the judicial service.

Speaking to Accra-based Kasapa FM Tuesday, the disgraced judge said he was surprised the judicial committee that probed the matter accepted the petition against them by individuals, he believes, have no upright lifestyles.

“When we appeared before the committee investigating us, during which Anas and some of his team members were also present with their faces masked, my friend Benjamin Osei who was the Juabeng Circuit Court Judge, pointed to one of Anas boys insisting that the guy was his interpreter who had been sacked and so demanded that he be made to take off the mask, the judge even mention the guy’s name, but the committee opposed it.

“He told the committee that the guy took money from someone and was dismissed so he should be made to show his face, but the committee still declined his request,” he said.

He continued: “I’m shocked that such persons will bring this so called evidence and it will be admitted. The decision by the committee not to allow these people to remove their mask is against any rule of law that I know.

“When someone put a charge on another and he appears before a committee or a court room, why is the accuser not made to take off the mask so we all see that he’s not an armed robber giving testimony, yet the judicial committee allowed this injustice to be done to us. I’m really shocked”.


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