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Anas #12: Kwesi Nyantakyi’s top 10 greatest hits, in quotes

1. The presidential proximity

Nyantakyi made sure to convince the investors he was meeting (who were, actually, investigators from Tiger Eye) that he was close to the seat of government. The FA boss said: “Nana Addo even called me the other time,” but that he had informed the President that he was out of the country, and had promised to meet upon his return. The President denies this.

2. The financier

Nyantakyi claimed he was a key financier of Anthony Abaayifa Karbo’s parliamentary campaign in 2016, stressing that he “had supported Karbo more than anyone else”, and aided the man’s entry into parliament to be Lawra MP. He also suggests Karbo was his ‘boy’ and that they often discussed ways to secure government contracts within the roads sector.

In recent weeks, there have been rumours about Nyantakyi’s role in the NPP. The videos show that his henchman, Abdulai Alhassan (aka Abu) all but confirms his place in the party. At one instance, Abu – who is the chairman of the Northern Region’s FA – tells the investors that “President [Nyantakyi] has sponsored the party, so he also has a direct link to the big men”.

3. The knowledge broker

Nyantakyi states that he “knows for a fact that [President] Akufo Addo sold off his properties to win the [2016] election”. And, he adds, that’s why the President is looking for ways to offset debts incurred. The GFA boss goes further to say the President’s family is amenable to contracts that will see them get about 5%, all in aid of settling them for sacrifices made during the campaign. And, for good measure, Nyantakyi adds that Nana Addo’s brothers are always asking for money, then suggests that the $5m to the President will ease that burden.

4. The project source

Nyantakyi displays a forensic insight into the government’s plans. For instance, he mentions casually that a huge network of 90 bridges will be constructed on the Buipe – Sandema – Paga stretch. Having already established that the Vice President, Dr Bawumia’s recent visit to China that copped the nation $15 billion will mostly be used for roads, the GFA boss explains the mechanics of how that money will be used. He mentions that about $150 million of that will go into local content, where Ghanaian suppliers will put in gravel, stones and so on.

5. The fixer

Nyantakyi also claimed that all that is required for his investor guests to win many road construction contracts is to give the President, Vice President and roads minister $5 million, $3 million and $1 million respectively. “Karbo said if you can do that we will get all the contracts tomorrow, I can put my neck on the line for that!”

He also says that getting a private audience with the President is no big deal – once the money is on the table. He actually calls the monies “appearances fees, that one is for them to even talk to you”. Football terminology, right there.

6. The avenger

Having made sure his clout was established, the GFA boss also claimed that because the NPP are in power and contracts were to people close to power, contractors of the erstwhile governments will see their monies held up. Or, as he put it: “As for NDC contractors, their monies will rot!”.

7. The inflations

Ever wondered why contract sums in Ghana are outrageous? Nyantakyi offers a clue. He deadpans that it’s normal for contract figures to be inflated in Ghana. “Ah, a bridge in Ghana costs more than one in New York. When a bridge in New York costs $70 million, the one in Ghana can cost $150 million!”.

8. The Kennedy Agyapong show

Many have wondered why, in the past few weeks, MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has unleashed a hail of verbal bullets and alleged damaging information on Anas. The almost-daily tirades led to many wanting to feed their curiousity by watching the video.

It turned out that Nyantakyi was to speak at length about the lawmaker. “He is very loud,” the GFA boss said of Agyapong, noting that the NPP “cannot call him to order because he has money. He insults even his own party members!”

“A whole ministry was created for him after the election because of his contributions.” Nyantakyi says the MP knew he was too undisciplined to be an MP, and so he did not take the job, however, he chose someone to be Minister of Transport.

And who might that be?

“(Kwaku Ofori) Asiamah, yes, that one. He is Kennedy’s small boy,” said the GFA boss.

Asiamah, the small boy, is 47 years old.

9. The controller

Nyantakyi is not a man of dull dreams, as evinced from a career path that led to being Ghana FA boss at the relatively young age of 37. Now, at 48, he’s looking further ahead – way ahead.

On more than one occasion he tells the investors that if they pay up the $11m bribery amounts requested to the members of the Presidency they will “control Ghana” because doors will be open. Or, as he put it another time, they “take over the whole country”. He then says “if we support Bawumia, everything will be available”.

To grow his own networks with these obviously-loaded people, Nyantakyi asks the investors to urge their superiors to “make me their brother.” And then, to top it off: “You can Google me. I am known everywhere.”

10. The life beyond football

By the time the video is done, one is left in no doubt that Nyantakyi is a well connected, well informed and a very resourceful man. And it’s this that makes it no surprise when he deftly drops the list of things he owns or controls.

“I have a Savings and Loans company which I want to convert to a bank. I have applied for the things. I have a telecom company and I applied for a telco license, but NDC did not give me. I’m looking at bringing [UK-based] Lycamobile to Ghana. You know Lycamobile? They are in the UK, but not in [the country where the conversation is taking place].”

Nyantakyi, here, was speaking to Abu once they had taken leave of the investors ahead of – what they thought – would be their final meeting where documents and MoUs will be finalized and signed.

He was telling Abu that “the guys have money to spend, and I read that.” The implication was that once he had figured there was cash to burn, he was ready to offer them things to invest in.

“Once you come into the system, we can now introduce to other ministries like energy, agriculture…,” he tells the investors at an earlier sitting.


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