” They’ve been in existence for along time and have been changing their names up till this day. The nature of who they are, and what they are and where they come from is something they are happy with and they will be there for a long time”. (NDC Campaign Launched, 14th August, 2016)

A detail of the above statement;

• In the beginning was the NLM, the father of all political evil, violence, bloodshed and tribalism.

• And the NLM begat the UP. • And the UP begat the PP. • And the PP eventually begat the New PP also known as NPP.

• The main character of this tradition was and remains- lies, double standards, violence and tribalism.

• There has been no bloodier and more violent political grouping in the history of our country than the NPP family.

• The violence we see in NPP’s primaries in Bekwai, in Suhum and Ofinso South today, the killing of Alhaji Adam in Bolga, Sadick in Kumasi, and the maltreatments of it own party member represents the very nature of the group’s tradition of violence.

• No other political tradition existing today apart from the NPP family was brought into being by tribal entities.

• Lest we forget, the NPP political family was founded in 1954 by Baffour Osei Akoto, chief linguist of the Asantehene.

• This tribal NPP political tradition was at the time mainly funded by the Kumasi City Council and the Akyem Abuakwa state council.

• Are you surprised therefore that the party has essentially remained principally an Asante/Akyem entity?

• They introduced tribal violence into our body politic. The wave of violence and mayhem they unleashed in Ashanti in particular was unbelievable.

• CPP sympathizers or persons suspected to have CPP loyalty all became targets of the NPP family’s bloody attacks and bomb explosions.

• Not a single CPP flag could be seen in many parts of Ashanti in those days.

• In the 1992 elections, the situation in NPP’s stronghold of Ashanti region remained virtually the same- it took courage to display NDC colours in large parts of Ashanti.
The NPP family has always lied about its past. Those who cannot tell the truth about their past cannot do so about the present or the future

• Even Their various names reveal the fraudulent nature of their tradition

• The NPP family in the 50s killed and maimed to prevent the UNITY of Ghana yet they called themselves United Party in the 1st Republic

• They also opposed every progressive move in our history yet they called themselves Progress Party in the 2nd republic

• The NPP family is a party whose Founding Father, Danquah, was a shameless CIA agent- a traitor of our nation. Yet they fraudulently call themselves Patriotic party today.

• The NPP pretends to hate military coup d’etat. Yet, the NPP family was the first group to introduce coups into Sub Saharan Africa.

• The first ever coup attempt in Ghana occurred in 1958, just one year after independence- Mr R.R. Amponsah, currently a top guru and Chairman of the NPP Council of Elders was an architect of that coup.

• Indeed, earlier in 1958, J.B. Danquah was overheard assuring the ambassador of a western nation, hostile to the government of Nkrumah, that plans were far advanced to overthrow Nkrumah by the end of 58.

• Busia, also is on record to have consulted and held several meetings with General Afrifa whilst the latter was studying at the Sandhurst Military academy in the UK. No wonder that on the 24th February 1966, Afrifa and others overthrew the CPP government.

• Apart from the NPP family setting into motion coups in black Africa, Akufo Addo’s father in particular played a unique role in dealing a blow against multi party democracy.

• In 1968, Akufo Addo’s father chaired the Constitutional Committee that recommended to the NLC that a long term ban be placed on the CPP to prevent the party and its functionaries from contesting elections in Ghana.

• J.H Mensah who was instrumental in 1969, revealed the agenda when he declared: “By the time the NPP government finishes with the fast track court trial and imprisonment of former NDC Ministers and functionaries, the NDC will be no more.”

• In the second republic, NPPs Co Founder, Busia, As Prime Minister defiantly declared following a court’s reversal of his dismissal of Sallah, that no court can force him to employ anyone the government did not want to employ.

• In the year 2001, Hodare Okai was unlawfully dismissed from his position as Deputy Immigration officer, upon the instigation of Asamoah Boateng on suspicion that he was an NDC sympathiser.

• As if that was not bad enough, even after a court of competent jurisdiction had ruled that the dismissal was illegal and he should therefore be reinstated and outstanding entitlements due him paid- President Kufuor flatly refused to comply with the court order and to date nothing has been done.

• That’s not all- The NPP always accuses Rawlings of being a dictator, yet that “dictator” refrained from immorally packing the court to overturn a Supreme Court decision after the latter passed a 5-4 verdict declaring June 4 holidays non constitutional.

• These are the people who in 1971 jailed Kofi Badu, then editor of Spokesman newspaper. The offices of the newspaper were raided and the newspaper’s license withdrawn.

• Victor Owusu, as AG in the 2nd Republic, got 28 lecturers, all of whom were board members of the Legon Observer newspaper, jailed because their newspaper was deemed to be critical of government.

What do you think?

Jerry Rawlings makes my day!!

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