Amidu’s appointment shows Nana Addo is serious – Rawlings

following the appointment of former Attorney General, Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor, former President Jerry John Rawlings has called on Japan and other developed countries to refrain from holding back in offering support to Ghana.

Speaking in a meeting with the new Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Tsutomu Himeno, Mr. Rawlings said: “the appointment of Amidu as Special Prosecutor from outside his own party shows the President is serious. It vindicates some of us. No developed country should hold back in assisting our country to improve the lives of our people.”

Mr. Amidu after his appointment on January 11, 2018, faced the vetting committee last Tuesday. His nomination will either be approved or rejected by Parliament on Tuesday, February 19, 2018.

While seeking increased cooperation between the two countries [Ghana and Japan], especially in creating employable opportunities for Ghanaian youth, the former President at the meeting which was held on Friday, Flt Lt Rawlings also commended Japan for its continued support for Ghana over the years

Touching on international matters, the former President said while globalization has created much wealth it has also led to a great deal of impoverishment , due to the unequal distribution of wealth caused by the ‘savagery of capitalism’ as stated by Pope John Paul II in one of his pastoral letters.

“The inequalities created by capitalism and the impunity of political power may be leading to the emasculation and helplessness of the mass of people on the one hand and on the other it will no doubt and definitely be triggering outrage, anger and hatred which translate into acts of violence, suicidal tendencies, terrorism and pockets of political instability,” Mr. Rawlings said.


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