Amidu is having a health problem -Woyome

Alfred Woyome, the embattled businessman who is set to slug it out with former attorney general and one time running mate of late Prof. Mills has descended heavily on the latter over his call on Ghanaians to vote out President John Dramani Mahama.

Mr. Woyome says Amidu is only bitter and jealous he was not appointed as vice presidential candidate by the late Mills in 2008. Mr. Amidu has called on Ghanaians to vote the president out if they want the GHC 51.2 million paid him [Woyome] retrieved.

“I am a senior and foundation member of the NDC, the Governing party.

But I am compelled to put Ghana First and to defend the 1992 Constitution by saying that the only way Ghanaians can have the Woyome/Austro-Invest joint loot refunded is to change the Government that created, looted and shared the loot with them during the Presidential elections this year,”

he said in his latest statement which was also published don his official website. But speaking to Accra based Citi Fm, Mr. Woyome said the call by the anti-corruption campaigner will backfire. According to him voters will vote for candidates based on their track records and not what he [Amidu] was doing. “The election here is based on track records and on work. Ghanaians know and they feel what government has done for them and they will take their own decision. Not on Martin Amidu, who is jealous because he was not taken as the Vice Presidential Candidate then.” Mr. Woyome further alleged that Martin Amidu is having a health problem hence his outburst at government. “ Martin Amidu should not be taken serious. Martin has a problem, he has a health issue . That is why we have not sued him for defamation or anything like that. He was sacked; and he lied about his ministers that they were all corrupt and he has never been able to prove it…He has a health problem.”

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