America Is Setting Bad Example With These Protests

Happenings in US after Trump’s victory must interest all of us. This is not because we have relatives in America or we plan visiting America in the foreseeable future, but for reasons that they are setting bad example to the rest of the world, especially the African continent.

For years, America’s democracy has served as role model for many countries; with Ghana, and by extension, a large number of African countries no exceptions. These countries view America as the bastion of democracy and a citadel of formidable institutions capable of absorbing any threat, regardless of its form and origin.

America has over the years joined equally powerful countries in the world to harshly criticize countries repleted with post election violence and in some instances proposed sanctions as a way of punishing countries that slide onto that trajectory.

Countless examples abound of how America lobbied other members of the UN Security Council to force their parochial interest and lopsided views down the throat of the rest of the world.

In all of this, the rest of the world, except countries like Russia, France, Germany, UK and few others, gleefully accepted whatever America dished out, however absurd it may seem, as the best thing to have happened to the world.

Most of the African countries fashioned their governance structure to suit the American system. Even those who do not have same system have managed to smuggle bits of the American system into their governance structure.

This alone tells us that Africa views America like a business mogul worth emulating. Africans have copied almost everything ‘western’. We have managed to assimilate their culture into ours. We enjoy their foods more than our local meals. We have abandoned our stylish African prints and have embraced the rags they call cloths.

Worse of all, we have, under the guise of emulating their system of governance, perfected the act of stealing public funds. I shudder to say that looting public funds is the only thing Africans have gotten right so far as democracy is concerned.

Probably because they thought us how to steal by the use of democracy, we invest our loots in their countries. This is how Africans have come to embrace the Western world, especially America.

For this singular reason, anything they do or practice, whether right or wrong, trickles down to Africa. Even if it is the silliest thing to have happened since the beginning of the world, we Africans are fast to copy it, perfect it, ‘brew’ it to suit our system and visit it on ourselves in the severest form.

Like a mirror, the most atrocious happenings in the Western world reflect on the African continent. We turned to blame them for everything but we have forgotten we willingly copy them.

The entire African continent is at the precipice of possible extinction because of post election violence. African countries noted for peaceful elections now have violence ferociously knocking at their doors.

In some few days or months, some African countries will head to the polls. Countries like Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and others have elections at hand. These countries keenly followed the American elections and are watching violent demonstrations across America over Trump’s enviable victory.

In a continent replete with ethnic and post election violence to the extent that violence is almost becoming our second name, I bet to say that some of our political actors may replicate what is happening in America when they lose the elections.

There are some of the aspirants who know the election will not favor them and have been looking for ways to instigate violence. They may now be justified to send their supporters onto the street in the event they lose the elections now that ‘Almighty’ America has shown the way.

The politics of South Africa and Zimbabwe have changed considerably with the emergence of Julius Malema of the EFF and Acie Lumumba of Viva Zimbabwe. These individuals have embraced violence as the only viable means to push their political agenda. Both Malema and Lumumba have variously criticized the West, but don’t be surprised if they replicate what is happening in America in their respective countries, especially when they have demonstrated that they are masters of that dangerous antidemocratic style of politicking. Their respective parties may not win, but they may cause trouble after the elections.

Back in Ghana, we are all living witnesses to how the NDC rallied its supporters to the EC headquarters in 2008 to force the commission to declare late Prof Mills winner of the election.

The NPP in the last two elections have also shown us that they are also pregnant with venom and may spit it at anytime. They served us a dose of it when they lost the 2012 election. Even when the party knew it will go to court, some Hawks in the party goaded supporters massed up at Obra Spot to start beating and destroying anything they laid their hands on.

Ahead of this year’s election, the party has served notice it will not accept anything other than win. If nobody has expressly said it, Chairman Wontumi audaciously stated on Paul Adom Otchere’s programme that Nana Addo will not give any peace talk. This submission by Wontumi speaks volume.

Since last year, our security personnel have arrested persons attempting to smuggle guns into the country. Only God knows the number of guns already in the system that our security personnel are unaware of.

If these are the threats we are living with on the African continent, then those we have copied over the years must do things that will take our minds off violence. But sadly, America has also blessed post election violence and my fear is that if the protesters do not back off by close of day, America may erupt in flames. If this happens, God forbid, the rest of the world, especially Africa, will be fastened to the violence rode. Only God knows where we are heading.

By A. B. A @Asabaham.,,,/

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