All Justice Sophia Akuffo Needed Was Tubers OF Yam And Goat

Madam Sophia Aku, your love for Mallam Mumuni’s goat and Efo Dzakpata’s yam has caused the supreme council of jugglers to, under the influence of Opana’s syndrome, the syndrome of Gbeshie transmogrified Kpokpogbligbli to hatefully, without love for communal fellowship, cohesion and peace pour petrol on Ganaman. You have caused the vehicle of Ganaman to exeperience over-heating. Wey water we go take quench am?

Just the other day, when the darked-skin-dog-catcher-trained-in-weapon-handling by the Afghanistan dzimakpla, unleashed terror on innocent Emefa and his brothers, Allotey and Salifu, you pretended to be asleep. I hear you were trained by Opana Sleeptitician in the art of hunting for innocent harmless children. Will you ever have peace?

Sophia Aku, how about the Womafunu expert? When he threatened to mash up the community, that one, tsetsefly suck your balls so you no see.. or na you go dey the tree top hunting for sparrows and parrots. you koraa your matter plenty. or the braggart, Ken ashes, when he declared war, you were on top of Opana taking some 6-rounds (that is what is being discussed at the market square, say nyash give you promotion as you dey apprentice under Opana).

He that is down needs fear no fall. There was a certain man in the town of Dzakpatu who felt so powerful, hunted the weak, intimidated the poor, and trapped the weary. He was the most feared man because in the eyes of the people, he was cruel, even the gods he intinidated. In the calendar of the gods, he would one day need the help of a man he so man had hatred for. In the moment of his weakness, he was rejected too. afterall one mans good deserves another.

Democracy is not the rule of some weird misleading skewed folks. It is the power of the masses, empowerment of the mass media, protection of the presidency and the sovereign state. It is the rule of law, respect of freedoms and rights. And being a judge does not mean one is a super-invisible-untouchable-demi-god insulated from society. Being a judge should be a privilege. A judge has family and friends. Until the exposure of the corruption in the judicial service, you were parading yourselves as incorruptible. I don’t need to be a lawyer to talk about the massive and gross corruption in the system.

Cowards of the night who hide under dark are exposed by light. We all have six feet. Some corpses get buried with the peoples love, others die twice before their burial service. Man has six feet, both the rich and poor. You may assume you have been insulated by the law, the source of your power was given to by the people. The people will therefore demand from you what they gave to you and your inability to accounting to them will result in taking back what belongs to them. A friend asked if Sophia Aku had any seed of her own.. Abeg oo, this bigality of my mof will see me called before the village headmistress, Sophia Aku.
Mr President, listen to the masses. Evoke article 72. Protect the media. May it not be under you that freedom of expression is padlocked because some Oluu wants to make Ghana ungovernable through his family, and friends. After all, all Sophia Aku needed was tubers and goats to have freed the 3 musketeers. Give it to her.

By: Edem Koku Edem/

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