Akufo-Addo’s political history since democracy was introduced

J.B Danquah pledged “all die be die” against Dr. Nkrumah’s government together with the father of state bungalow thief, Obetsebi Lamptey who mysteriously died in Prison as a traitor.

Busia paid back J.B Danquah by making William Akuffo Addo (Nana Addo’s father) a ceremonial president. William Akuffo Addo managed together with Busia & sold off Africa’s only ATOMIC REACTOR which could have prevented “Dumsor” or “Dumda” forever.

Other valuable state assets were also sold and the proceeds of which akufo addo and his NPP members are still enjoying.

When Kuffour finally lied his way into power, Akufo addo protested against him, yet he offered him a position in his government only for him to
connive with BAMBA & K. T Hammond to sell off our DRILL ship 🚢

Akufo addo also freed drug peddlers & handed them diplomatic passports to aid their illegal businesses with the aim of funding his useless presidential ambition.

The house he lives in at London was bought with tax payers money The one in Nima was also built with tax payers money. All the schools he attended locally & overseas which resulted in zero output was paid with tax payers money.

Everything akufo addo has enjoyed & is still enjoying have their source from the Ghanaian tax payer.
He and his family have lived off our lives & on monies they HAVE NOT worked for.

… The time has come for you to do the legitimate thing by working like any other Ghanaian to feed yourselves. Your parents betrayed us (Ghanaians) by taking cheap bribes to overthrow our first president, stall our development and wasted our monies to educate you (Nana Addo) in Oxford only to go & smoke weed to get yourself dismissed.

Today you are broke as a mouse, trying to get on the highest seat of the land to pay off your huge debts with our taxes.
All the booty they left with you have either been wasted through obvious means.

Your proverbial ill character in the use of vile words against your opponents has given you up everywhere you go. Your public speeches are out of date and have no connection with current trends of social

This stinking ambition of tours will end soon !!!!
And Ghanaians and the whole of Africa can be proud of
themselves now and forever !!!!

What do you think?

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