A Deputy Minister in Akufo-Addo’s Government Hon. Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei, has accused President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya of rigging the Presidential elections that brought them to power.

On her Facebook wall sighted by, the Deputy Minister questioned the credibility of the elections that brought the two leaders to power. It would be recalled that after the Kenyan elections, some officials and supporters of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana, accused former President John Mahama and other election Observer missions of helping President Uhuru Kenyatta to rig the Presidential Election in Kenya. But reacting to the accusation, the Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Scotland, described the allegation as frivolous and unfounded.

The Commonwealth Secretary General praised President Mahama and the commonwealth team for the excellent job they did in Kenya. She described the former Ghanaian leader as an efficient leader, and the group’s performance as excellent. Baroness Scotland spoke extensively on BBC and other international platforms.

Aftermath events in Kenya vindicated the Secretary General and all the leaders of the various missions who observed the elections including former South African President Mr Thabo Mbeki and Mr John Kerry.

Back home, activists of the ruling government and some officials of the ruling party accused the former Ghanaian leader of helping his friend Uhuru Kenyatta to rig the election.

After intensive debate and search, all the participating parties in the Sierra Leone elections settled on President Mahama to mediate a peace talk in Freetown. According to the leaders of the parties, they started reading dangerous comments on social media wall of party activists and some senior members of the two dominant parties which necessitated the meditation talk. In the first round, former President Mahama prevented what would have marred an otherwise peaceful and smooth voting process in Sierra Leone.

The former Ghanaian President displayed his unique conflict resolution skill to bear when he resolved a disturbing confrontation between the main opposition party (SLPP) and the police at end of the March 7 polls.

The police had apparently stormed the SLPP Tally centre to conduct a search based on what they said was a tip off that the SLPP had some tracking devices at the centre. With the SLPP officials led by the then Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio, refusing to allow the police because they had no warrant, the situation just after the close of polls led to rioting with the supporters of the opposition massing up and the police increasing their numbers. President Mahama who is highly revered by the people of Sierra Leone, and who had earlier led the Presidential candidates to sign a peace pledge,was spotted walking through the SLPP supporters and police men. He later managed to enter the SLPP tally centre with the area commander of police and CID officers, who had previously been denied access.

Following his personal assessment of the situation and meetings with the SLPP candidate and the police, he made a couple of calls to the authorities and peace finally prevailed.

Before the runoff result was announced, one Jarrah Kawusu-Konte, the Communication Manager at the Presidency (Sierra Leone), made reckless allegations against Mr Mahama on his facebook wall which was later condemned by some officials of the ruling party, the Clergy in Sierra Leone, officials at the Presidency and then Candidate Maada Bio. Activists of the Npp started posting Jarrah’s post on their Facebook wall. The accused the former President of helping President Julius Maada Bio to rig the election based on Jarrah’s post which had been condemned and rubbished by his own bosses and the people of Sierra Leone.

On her Facebook wall, one of the deputy information Ministers Hon. Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei, posted a piece supporting the frivolous claim that the Presidential election in Sierra Leone was rigged by the current President Julius Maada Bio.

Supporters of President Julius Maada Bio and some party officials of the SLPP who reacted to her post via Twitter and their Facebook walls, expressed shock and disappointment in the Ministers behaviour.

A top official in the current administration on his twitter handle wrote -“How can a government minister make such scurrilous and dangerous comment on his official Facebook wall”.

Ernest Bio a known party activist of the APC and a journalist wrote on his Facebook – “This is very serious because, in effect, the Minister is questioning the credibility of our election, and the legitimacy of our government.

This is unacceptable”. Another journalist working with a Pro-APC newspaper the Standard Times, wrote on his Facebook wall “Did the Minister speak as expressed he government’s position? If not, who is responsible for this egregious lies that has embarrassed a whole country and its leader Nana Akufo-Addo, in Sierra Leone” he queried.

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