A few days to the inauguration of President Akufo-Addo this year, a friend went to Abossey Okai to buy spare parts to fix his vehicle. He later narrated what he witnessed at the place to me. According to Odame, the dealers hard no time for their clients and all he heard at the place was chants of “Ossey Nana, Nana b3y3, the “Messiah has landed”.

He said you could feel the “Change” hanging in the air like Christmas lights. Few days after Nana’s inauguration, spare parts dealers reduced prices of their goods, radio stations metamorphosed into platforms for praise worship, some pastors suspended preaching of the word for Nana’s projection,social media flew into a whirlwind celebrating the triumph of vague promises. Sceptics began to see hope and their common jargon was “Ghana is working again”.

One year after and what is left, for many Ghanaians including supporters of the Npp, is huge carcass of disappointment. The spare parts dealers have suspended their price reduction policy and prices of spare parts have doubled. It did not take very long for many Ghanaians including the spare parts dealers, pastors, teachers, nurses etc to write Akufo-Addo off.

Hawkers of change are getting frustrated, farmers of Change are wailing, nurses of change are craving for the return of the immediate former President: only shame, or pride or both will not allow others to openly denounce Akufo-Addo who has offered all the juicy positions in his government to his cousins, daughters, in laws and friends.

After the final declaration of his victory by the EC boss, many Ghanaians jubilated with the firm belief that the Change he and his party promised was certainly going to bring down manna from heaven. But few days to end his first year in office, President Akufo-Addo is still promising, conning the masses with his fake hope message and apportioning blames rather than proffering solution. Rather than finding solution to the bleeding economy, he is busy receiving awards, globetrotting spending the taxpayers money on his travels and jamborees.


The President promised Ghanaians, “corruption-free” government. He told Ghanaians he was not going to tolerate corruption in his administration. He promised was going to eliminate corruption from the veins of Ama Ghana. The President’s corruption fight is seriously assuming a dangerous dimension. His corruption war seems to be targeted and limited to the last administration. What about his appointees whose names are associated with so many alleged corruption issues. The President has been busy junketing the entire country and painting the last administration black as corrupt people who left the empty coffers. He has adopted this style to cover his failure and shame. His so called war against corruption has collapsed totally and he himself has taken the position of Patron of the “corruption club” as buttressed by a recent opinion poll conducted by Joy FM. People pay billions of cedis to get access to the President and to share the same space and table with the President, you must pay US$100,000. His wife signs loans on behalf of the state and his daughters have taken over the oil sector. In opposition, the President accused the last administration of inflating cost of projects. Ironically cost of same projects has quadrupled under the current administration. His Vice President mesmerised the whole world with his famous $15 million addressing system, his cousin, the Finance Minister sat in his room with his wife and business associates and issued a $2.25 bond on behalf of the people of Ghana, his ministers are inflating cost of projects in the name of “typo error” and his cousins selling our oil like tomatoes on Mallam Atta market.


The President promised Ghanaians he will not run a family and friends government. He erroneously accused the former President of running a family and friends government. His assertion was brutally crashed by facts released by people who did their independent investigation into the allegation. In Government, Nana Akufo-Addo has made it mandatory and a parliamentary ritual for our finance minister to mention his uncle (J.B. Danquah)’s name before our budgets are read. He has given all critical appointments to his family members including daughter, friends and cronies. His signs loan contracts on behalf of the state, his daughters, brother and nephews have taken over the oil industry, his nephew has been offered of lucrative contract to review all contracts signed under the previous administration, his former wife appointed appointed an ambassador, his “Nigerian in laws” have been offered juicy contracts etc. He sent a delegation of 197 made of friends, in laws, friends and relatives to the United Nations. He has still not explained the reasons behind the decision to travel with that huge delegation. Senior party officials, businessmen and other persons who attempted

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Akufo-Addo should focus on crimes committed under his watch – Minority

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