Akufo-Addo’s Evil Wish For President Mills

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. NPP flag-bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, lived true to this biblical adage when he revealed his dark and sinister thoughts towards President Mills yesterday in press statement he claims is to wish the President well.

In the veiled press statement which has been posted on the internet and is sure to receive front-page coverage in pro-NPP newspapers today, Akufo-Addo mischievously claimed that by his own statement, President Mills has confirmed that he was sick and was therefore travelling to the United States of America for treatment.

In the press statement released while the President was airborne, heading for the United States of America for a routine check-up, Akufo- Addo said he “learnt last night from President Atta Mills that he was on his way to the United States to see doctors for medical treatment.”

But did President Mills ever say that he was heading for the United States of America for medical treatment? Certainly not! In light of the NPP-inspired rumours that he was dead, just before the good Professor emplaned for the United States of America on Saturday evening, he told journalists at the Kotoka Internationals Airport that “What I have decided to do is to go for medical check-up. So I’m going for a few days and then come back.”

Definitely, medical check-up is not the same as medical treatment. A person need not be sick before going for medical check-up. Footballers playing in professional leagues in Europe undergo mandatory medical check-ups before donning the jerseys of their new clubs. In fact, doctors advise people to go for periodic medical check-ups. Medical treatment on the other hand suggests that the person who is going for it is sick and needs to be treated. Akufo-Addo, if he truly is a lawyer worth his sort, knows the difference between routine “medical check-up” and “medical treatment” but for obvious reasons chose to use the latter description in his so-called press statement to state what President Mills was going to do in the US. That the NPP flag-bearer wanted to plant in the minds of Ghanaians that President Mills was going to the United States because he was sick is obvious. By extension, a Nana Akufo-Addo wish President Mills was really sick.

Why the NPP flag-bearer will want Mills sick is answered by the President himself when he said last year that “It is quite clear, to some people, a living Atta Mills brings them a threat”

The dark, invidious and sinister motive behind Akufo-Addo’s death wish for President Mills can be deciphered in the last paragraph of the press statement.

Concluding his death wish for President Mills, Akufo-Addo said in his statement that he wishes Mills “a safe return to duty in a few days.”

There is no doubt here that he deliberately chose the words “a few days” from President Mills’ comments to sarcastically spite him.

The mockery here is clear. Discerning Ghanaians understand it. Choosing a person’s words or statement and using it to address the person is practically the same as mocking the person.

President said he was“…going for a few days and then come back.”Akufo-Addo ends his press statement by saying he wishes the President “a safe return to duty in a few days.” The sarcasm in repeating the phrase “a few days” as used by President Mills exposes Akufo-Addo’s real intentions.

Some personalities close to the NPP flag-bearer are at sea as to why he will be happy if even President Mills is sick and going for treatment in the United Sates of America since sickness is a natural phenomenon that occurs to any and everybody, especially when the person is no longer young. They are even more perplexed at the Akufo-Addo’s behaviour because he has very serious life-threatening health conditions.

An insider told the Daily Post that Akufo-Addo’s recent treatment to Isreal was to receive treatment for a very serious ailment. Doctors at the hospital treating him asked him to stay on for between three to five months so he would be well treated but he told them he could not be detained for that long for obvious reasons.

It is also a fact that Akufo-Addo was diagnosed for liver cirrhosis a few years ago.

Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease of the liver most commonly caused by alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, and fatty liverdisease, but has many other possible causes. It explains why the NPP flag-bearer no longer takes in alcohol which he used to abuse in the days of yore when he led a Bohemian lifestyle. He still ‘blazes’ though.

There are a couple more health challenges that the NPP flag-bearer is facing. That he will choose to be silent on it is his choice. But to be silent on it and make mockery of other people’s health just to score cheap political points is evil!

President Mills’ assertion last year that he “… will live and make sure the Better Ghana Agenda is achieved,” must have been cold comfort for Akufo-Addo. But, it is obvious that desperation is having the better part of him!

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