Akufo-Addo Walked Nii Noi Out of His House

It is emerging that, the former Klottey Korle Constituency chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Valentine Nii Noi Nortey, was once sacked from the home of the party’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

It followed the latter’s refusal to back down his decision to contest the up-coming December 7 parliamentary election as an independent candidate.

This is according to the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Freezones Board (GFB), Kojo Twum Boafo, who made the expose’, when Nii Noi, granted a studio interview to Lashibi-based Ahutor FM, where he recently spoke about his campaign to become a legislator.

During the interview, the former NPP chairman, had admitted to a question posed by host, Kwabena Bobie Ansah, that indeed he had the opportunity to meet with Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on the need to rescind his decision, so that they work together and win power, but upon consultation with his followers, they advised against it.

He had painted an impression that, all went well when he met with Nana Addo, even though unknown to the public, he had a disgraceful encounter at the Nima home of the party’s three times presidential candidate.

The bombshell was, however, revealed when the host decided to read some of the text messages sent from listeners, while the interview hadn’t completed.

Mr. Twum Boafo who is an ardent listener of the show, sent one message which softened Mr. Nortey. The text message read “Bobie, tell Nii Noi that Nana Addo walked him out of his house, so he should stop lying.

When he was summoned before the NFSH and asked to step down for Aderson and refused, Nana told him, if you don’t step down, when I win, I won’t look at you and proceeded to walk him out of the house”.

The message which somehow changed the face of the interview, was never denied or confirmed by Nii Noi, who only urged the host to go on with the other messages.

The message hit the people in the studio to the extent that the host only jokingly said, considering the messages that were coming, he would shelve the rest of the messages so that when he meets up with Nii Noi privately, they do another interview on them.

Throughout the remaining interview, the man who was painfully denied the opportunity to represent the NPP in the coming elections after he duly won the first primaries of the constituency held under the instruction of suspended general secretary, Kwabena Agyapong, refrained from responding to the allegation.

He had during that election last year, won a landslide, but the flagbearer’s lawyer, Philip Anderson, who is now the candidate, raised an objection to it sending the matter to court for redress.

After series of hearings, the court ordered that the issue be settled by the party, which resulted in a second election.

At the end of that election, which had dead people voting, lawyer Anderson, was declared the winner and since then, that Constituency has known no peace.

Even though the NPP’s fiercest contender, the NDC, has a very winnable candidate in the person of the party’s founder’s daughter, Zenator Agyeman Rawlings, Nii Noi, says he is poised to snatch the seat from the governing party, come December.

Meanwhile in the same interview, Nii Noi, said he was confident of victory, because he has the backing of the people who are coming from different political parties, but believe he is the only candidate in the contest who has the development of the Constituency at heart.

He said, though he draws most of his support and team members from his former party, he said during his campaign, he does not front for any presidential candidate.

He said, he was concentrating on his solo campaign, because many of his supporters come from different political parties and so he could not campaign for a presidential candidate when his supporters have their own presidential candidates.

He believed that leaders are chosen by God and so anyone that he appoints after the elections as the president, he will be prepared to work with that leader and bring development to the people of his constituency.

“I am campaigning for Klortey Korle development and as an independent candidate, I don’t touch on presidential issue, because my campaign team is made up of people from various political parties, who believe that it’s about Klortey Korle, its Nii Noi, who represents them well.

So i don’t meddle in the presidential elections, because everyone has his choice and so if you meddle in that, you may cause disaffection”, he explained.

When asked how his family felt when he was stripped of the parliamentary candidate position by the party, he told the host that his family was not happy and even advised him to end his political career, but because of his supporters, he disobeyed. He revealed that his entire family is NDC.

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