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Latest GII report and avalanche of scandals directly indicted the Akufo Addo government of official corruption, secretiveness, nepotism, executive influence. The report and the scams also directly discredit President Akufo Addo’s fight against corruption as targeted against former appointees while government officials of his government and party officials, openly indicted of corruption especially those close to the President, are not prosecuted but rather being showered with praises by the President.

Latest scandals including the famous $12 million Oslo deal, the kelni GVG, the Drones deal have confirmed the common assertion that this government is corrupt and the President is the chief facilitator of corruption in his government. Ghanaians can now see that the NDC, Civil Society Organizations have not been raising false alarm on what anti corruption organizations termed, unbearable savagery and corruption of the Akufo Addo government, in the history of the Ghana. Ghanaians including some who voted for the Npp in the last election are surprised that Nana Addo who claimed was incorruptible and levelled many corruption allegations against his predecessor and his administration has suddenly become dumb in the face of obviously overwhelming corruption allegations and will only defend naked thievery where he decides to speak. Civil Society Organizations and some anti corruption agencies have called on the President to end his arrogant disdain for the people and immediately respond to all allegations raised by the opposition, GII, Civil Society Organizations etc which they say are weighty issues that can no longer hide under the tent of politics to dismiss them with a wave of the hand or cheap and empty rhetoric as was done in the past.

Mr President, you and your team of corrupt officials are defending this dirty Oslo deal with alacrity and vigour basing your argument on vague legal propositions. Corruption is first a moral wrong doing and once it’s caught, it becomes a legal issue that need to be addressed. Yes, lack of morals will not get you sent to jail, but crimes committed because of lack of morals will end you in jail.

Stealing from the people, misuse of tax money etc are all morally corrupt. And we have laws that could conduct persons who engage in that. Intents and motives cannot be ignored here. Compare the Oslo deal to your diaries allegation and the allegations you and your henchmen levelled including the family and friends government and the Lordina flag staff warehouse allegations. Corruption should be both a moral and legal issue. Defending this Oslo scandal from a legal perspective worsens the case. Ghana was going to lose $8.5 million, this documented fact cannot be washed away with that weak legal argument. You know why John Mahama sacked Victoria Mahama. Compare the circumstances to what we discussing.

Mr President, two years into your administration, Ghanaians are still asking why you’ve not responded properly to these allegations

-The $178 million Kelni GVG deal

-$700 million Ameri deal

-Missing fertiliser $12 million

-$134 million pharmaceutical company in Gabon

-$15 million digital addressing system

-$2.25 billion bond

-Bost contaminated fuel deal

-£600,000 cantoment mansion

-Cash for Seat

-Ghc 800,000 website installation (single)

-$8 million NCA spy equipment

-Collapsing of Banks and businesses

-National Lottery Authority deal

-Ghana Maritime Authority saga

-Australian Visa fraud etc etc.

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