Some soldiers in the country are expressing fears that a 7-day secret military training given to one thousand cadets a few days ago at Sampa in the Brong Ahafo Region is aimed at setting up a private army for President Akufo Addo, ahead of the 2020 elections!

On the surface of it, the one week training was the usual assembly of students who are members of cadets in their various schools and giving them some further military drills.

This time too, they were selected from the regions. The first day was marked by an opening ceremony presided over by the DCE for the areas. The next day, the training started and it was what the cadets were being taught that has sent the alarm bells bussing in the army.
A senior military officer told this paper that the usual training given cadets are military drills and leadership training aimed at keeping them fit as well as well as instilling in them the will to serve the nation in the army and a spirit of patriotism. However, this time round, the training given these cadets went beyond the ordinary. They were taken through military drills and lessons that are reserved only for soldiers. Investigations conducted by this paper, reveal that the recruits, for example, were taken through voice procedure map reading skills which is reserved for professional soldiers and used to track down enemies.
“There is no way they will be taught some things if they are not going to be recruited into the army. They are young. By three years’ time, with the kind of training they are being taken through, they would be a deadly force” a soldier told this paper.
Under eleven instructors who were deployed to take them in various lessons reserved for soldiers only, the cadets, some of whom are very young were also schooled on other military tactics reserved for only professional soldiers. It is this that has sparked fears among some soldiers that a private army is being built for the President who is the Commander-In-Chief for the Ghana Armed Forces. The belief being held by some soldiers is that these cadets are being groomed now to take fear out of them so they would be well equipped mentally to be deployed in the 2020 elections to preserve the status quo.
Indeed, at the closing ceremony on on Saturday, August 12 at Sampa, the MP for Jaman North who stood in for the Chief of Staff, Madam Frema Osei Opare assured the cadets they will be recruited in the army very soon.
What has gotten some soldiers worrying further was that the cadets also included some National security operatives as well as persons who were not students and whose backgrounds were not known. Cadets who were part of the training were well screened to ensure they were pro-NPP.
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