National Organizer and Campaign Coordinator of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has labelled Nana Akufo-Addo a survey President.

According to him, the NPP flagbearer would continue to win presidential elections only in surveys and polls.

Reacting to a survey report by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) that claimed the NPP will win resoundingly in both parliamentary and presidential elections this year, Mr. Adams told Radio Gold’s morning show host, Nana Darkwah on Friday that the report is “faked and does not reflect what happens on the ground.”

He described the EIU report as a misinformation and a pack of lies, asking all Ghanaians to disregard it.

Asked if the NDC was unsettled by the survey report, Mr. Adams said the great works undertaken by the NDC government speak volumes.

“Do we look like people who panic? We don’t panic at all. We know that we have done great job. The truth will prevail.

When the campaign starts, the light will shine,” Mr.Adams asserted.

The National Organizer alluded to exit polls almost two decades ago which claimed AkufoAddo would win the flagbearership contest against former President John AgyekumKuffour in the New Patriotic Partybut ended up losing badly.

He added, “Look, all previous surveys on elections in Ghana have said Nana Addo will win and indeed he has won only in surveys. So Nana Addo is a survey president.”

It would be recalled that all previous predictions by the Economic Intelligence Unit that Nana Addo would win the Presidential elections have come to naught.

Touching on former President Rawling’s recent hailing of Nana Addo as incorruptible,Kofi Adams says he disagrees with his boss, insisting he has evidence to the contrary.

“You don’t need a CID to tell you that Nana Addo is corrupt. President Rawlings did not say Nana Addo is completely not corrupt. He was referring to material corruption… which means that he agrees that Nana Addo is corrupt on many other fronts.

For me, the worst form of corruption is to have a leader who is power corrupt, even the material corruption I disagree,” he said.

Giving his stake on the equation of sole sourcing by the NPP as a form of corruption, Mr. Adams revealed in an interview monitored by that from 2001 to 2008 under the NPP, sole sourcing in the public procurement records accounted for 12 per cent of contracts awarded while from 2009 to date only less than 3 per cent has been recorded.

He further revealed that of the 12 per cent of single-sourced contracts awarded under the NPP government, Nana Addo’s office alone accounted for 40 per cent.

Mr. Adams alluded to the Ohene Ntow report which indicted Nana Addo on some financial impropriety in the NPP and bemoaned strenuous attempts by loyalists of the NPP flagbearer to prevent the report from coming into the public domain.

Tearing Nana Addo to shreds, the campaign coordinator questioned the integrity of Nana Addo to be aleader.

“Nana Addo was part of organising the KumiPreko demonstrations which led to the death of some people. The demonstration was against of the Value Added Tax. Immediately they won power, Nana Addo went to sit in cabinet and agreed to increase taxes. How can you trust this man? He will deceive you.

He just cannot be trusted. We want a president who is clean, trusted, hardworking and will live up to his words. That president is President John Mahama,” he explained.

Mr. Adams pooh-poohed Nana Addo’s one district one factory mantra saying it’s a dishonest campaign promise and that immediately he is voted into power, Nana Addo will abandon that promise.

According to Kofi Adams, Nana Addo’s legacy as NPP leader is that of a divided party where mayhem was visited on people who disagreed with the NPP flagbearer.

He also welcomed the Krachi West treasurer of the NPP who has resigned to join the NDC citing disorder in the party structure from constituency, regional and national levels.

Mr. Adams is optimistic that with all the great works done by the NDC government, the 15- member campaign committee which he is the coordinator will work with all and sundry to deliver a wider margin of victory for President John Mahama.

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