Akufo-Addo dumps God-The battle is for Trumu-Trumu

Let me get this ‘bushy’ thing off my chest. The Aljazeera journalist never asked President Akufo Addo why unnatural carnal knowledge is a crime in Ghana. The President was asked a specific question about homosexuality. He responded to questions about homosexuality and not unnatural carnal knowledge.

This ‘by force’ expositions by lawyers cum supposed shameless neutrals to dress-up Akufo Addo’s unfortunate endorsement of homosexuality by introducing unnatural carnal knowledge into the debate is hogwash. These supposed neutrals must know that we don’t have cotton wools in our heads. We heard the president loud and clear.

The real issues. Homosexuality is not a crime in Ghana; we all agree. But society abhors homosexuality that is why those who engage in it in Ghana do it in the ‘dark’. They know they can get away with it when they face the law but they hide in doing it. I am yet to see a man in Ghana openly say his colleague man is his/her boyfriend or girlfriend. for more

They are afraid to do this because society is unanimously against it. What the Western world have over the years been trying to do is to get Ghana to legalize it. If something is not a crime in Ghana, why do you need legislative warrant to allow people to openly engage in it? The Western world knows the moral consequences attached to such a practice in Ghana that is why they are pushing for a law to give it life.

If homosexuality is not a crime and the Western world is breathing on our shoulders to legalize it and we all agree that it is not a good thing, the most ideal thing a President who also abhors homosexuality must do is to push for the amendment of Act 29 to criminalize homosexuality. The President, instead of doing this told the world that homosexuality is something that is bound to happen in Ghana. The President argued that if a strong coalition emerge in Ghana today that homosexuality should be legalized, we will embrace it. What the President did here is to subtly tell the West that intensify your campaign by using surrogates to push for legalization of homosexuality in Ghana and it will surely be done.

The president’s defenders are hiding behind the phrase ‘for now it is not on the agenda’ to say Akufo Addo did not acquiesce to legalization of homosexuality. The President was right to have said, at the time of the interview, that legalizing homosexuality was not on the agenda because no strong coalition is demanding it. Now that he has told the world and gay lobbyists that all they need to do to get homosexuality legalized in Ghana is to finance a strong coalition to push for it, it will now be on the agenda in the coming days.

Attempts to play with words to cover the president’s apparent gay lobby antics will not help. Late Prof Mills was a law professor and lecturer. He knew homosexuality was not a crime in Ghana but told David Cameron in the face that Ghana will not legalize it. Is Akufo Addo the only president who knows homosexuality is not a crime in Ghana? It is not a crime but our values “criminalize” it.

We know Akufo Addo needs money and favors from the West badly to support his outlandish promises, but we beg him not to sell Ghana to gays!
Let the defence flow!!!

What do you think?

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