Since their elections, Akuffo Addo of Ghana and Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria have been like Aki and Popo of Nollywood fame. Anyone who knows these mischievous characters will perfectly understand the analogy.

I have watched how these two have similar destinies and fortunes. So anytime Buhari is hospitalized in London, Akuffo Addo secretly travels to London for secret medical attention. They are both old ailing men very fragile and unfit to manage the vagaries of West African governance.

They lied their ways to power with outrageous mind scattering promises which they have no clue how to fulfil. Their countries have become worse under their leadership than handed over to them.

More disturbingly these clueless folks like the proverbial *Atsu & Etse* have not stopped causing mockery of themselves by promising to help each other in fighting terrorism or corruption; the very evils they are sponsoring hypocritically in their governments.

As if a curse come true, the two are in dirty problems this time together again:



He is now an ignominy in Ghana. After fostering hardship on the people he promised to give comfort to, this President is caught on an investigative video exposed as a bribe taker; he takes $5million to allow investors into Ghana. He has prevented many investigations into huge scandals under his watch as if Ghanaians have been placed in spell to keep quiet and watch him destroy them.

The Anas video No. 12, to be premiered today and tomorrow, is said to have been damning of the President and his parrotous vice, the ever lying Mahmoud Bawumia who is said to have economize with $3millon as bribe every time.

These expose, a potential to cause the President’s impeachment, has shaken the president to the bone compelling him to arrogantly order the editing of the video for National security reasons. What Ghanaians will see today will not include all the scenes involving Akuffo Addo’s corruption. The president has managed to clear himself of another scandal again.


While his twin brother is facing corruption scandals in Ghana, Buhari is under similar problem. This morning news came through that the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives have jointly written to the Nigerian President to stop the killings in the country and stop using the Nigerian police force to intimidate his political opponents.

*They warned*: _if you do not heed to this demands, we will have no choice but to invoke our constitutional powers on you (IMPEACHMENT THREAT)_!!!

*IT is not a fluke these are happening simultaneously. From all indications, Aki and Popo are destined to fall together!*

Be warned for the worse.

Yours for long,

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