Akuffo Addo’s Deceptive Promises Cannot be Tried, Presidency isn’t Lottery – Joshua Hamidu Akamba

In the run up to the 2016 December 7th Elections, all candidates are making promises to seek the mandate of the people and my piece will center on the legacies of the two leading Presidential candidates, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and Mr Akuffo Addo
It is imperative to note that both candidates have had the opportunity to lead in various capacities in the country hence one can make judgements on the leadership qualities and achievements of both candidates.

In my fervent view, Mr Akuffo Addo is making deceptive promises out of frustration and desperation.

The unmatched achievements of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has put Mr Akuffo Addo in as state of dilemma hence making outrageous and deceptive promises that cannot he knows cannot be achieved.
Akuffo Addo contributed immensely to the failure of NPP’s 8 years government.
The litany of failed promises by the NPPs administration is enough justification to ignore his deceptive promises.

Akuffo Addo’s legacy is the disorganized state of the NPP. He has managed to put the NPP into a state of anarchy, despair and confusion.
Apart from the leadership crisis in NPP, it has also lost focus and direction going into the December 7th Elections.
Ghana cannot be put into such confused state by trying Akuffo Addo

Aside the unprecedented transformation Ghana has seen under President Mahama’s 4 years government, he has made the NDC the most attractive party in the country now.
All sectors of the Economy has seen massive transformation in the past years, lives have really been changed and Ghana continues to enjoy peace under President Mahama.
Ghana’s total motorable road network is now over 71,063 km, helping to open up the country in order to reduce road traffic accidents and congestion, boost economic activities and move goods and services freely.

The Presidents promise to implement an Economic Transformation and Livelihood Empowerment Programme which will create More jobs in his second and final term, is a laudable initiative which all Ghanaians must be rest assured that the President will implement based on his records in job creation.
The NPP has agreed that more has been done by this government in terms of infrastructure but always create the impression that nothing is been done to create jobs for the citizenry.

Aside, the numerous jobs opportunities created by the uncountable projects executed in all sectors of the economy, other interventions have also helped to create millions of jobs in the country.
The Kumasi Shoe factory, Savannah Cement Factory, Ghana National Gas Company, Komenda Sugar Factory, Buipe Shea Nut Factory, Ayensu Starch Factory etc have all created thousands of direct and indirect jobs.
Programmes such as the Youth in Agric Concept, Graduate Business Support Scheme run by Ministry of Employment, Rural Enterprise Project, National Board for Small Scale Industries, GRATIS Foundation, Youth Employment Agency, Youth Enterprise Support etc continue to offer jobs to millions of Ghanaian youth in the country.

This solid foundation laid by the President is a good premise for the Economic Transformation and Livelihood Empowerment Programme to be executed in his next term.
This comes to justify that his next term will truly put money into the pockets of the ordinary Ghanaian.

These Successes chalked in less than 4 years cannot be overuled for deceptive promises by a flagebearer who cannot manage his party.
Off course, the Presidency isn’t for lottery hence Akuffo Addo’s deceptive promises will not be tried.

What do you think?

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