Agyin Asare rates Mahama 70%

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has rated President John Mahama’s performance in office as 70 per cent.

Without explaining his reasons for that score, a grudging Agyinasare, who attempted fighting off the question to escape political tagging, told Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday that: “…I’d give him about seven [on a scale of one to 10].”

“You’ll get me being political; I don’t want to get there…” he protested before succumbing.

The Perez Chapel International founder’s rating of the President is comparatively higher than two other recent ratings of two prominent Ghanaians – Prof Agyeman Badu Akosa and Mr Ace Ankomah.

In an interview with Kasapa FM’s Fiifi Banson on Thursday, October 8, 2015, Prof Akosa rated Mr Mahama’s performance four out of 10, with reason that the President had no sense of urgency, as far as fixing Ghana’s problems was concerned.

Using the protracted power crisis that has plagued the country for the past three years to buttress his point, the former flagbearer-aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) said the President has failed to show the needed sense of urgency toward solving the problem.

That pathologist argued that apart from lacking a sense of urgency, the President has also not been sincere with Ghanaians as far as the energy crisis was concerned.

On the same programme the following Thursday, October 15, 2015, Mr Ankomah, a lawyer, also gave Mr Mahama and all other post-independence leaders the same rating.

“To me, the best leader Ghana has ever had is Guggisberg,” Mr Ankomah said adding: “I won’t give any post-independence leader more than forty percent, not for what they did, but what they could not do.”

Specifically on Mr Mahama, the former law lecturer said the current government’s inability to retrieve monies fraudulently paid to individuals and institutions that the Supreme Court has ruled did not merit, is a blot on his administration.

“…Even if he met nothing at all, this country had so much for us to leverage…look at the things we have been through, with the payment of monies to people, who don’t deserve the monies; what efforts have we made to recover the monies?

“When the Supreme Court ordered Mr [Alfred] Woyome to refund the money [GHS51million] to Ghana, unfortunately without any interest, have we recovered a dime?” he asked.

“For me, the mark of good government is not necessarily what you’ve done; it’s what you failed to do…we should not flatter politicians; nobody begged them to come into office,” he said, adding that becoming a President was a purely voluntary decision, unlike royalty successions where heirs had a compulsory duty to ascend a throne.

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