Aggrieved employees of BusyInternet descend heavily on Group CEO Horpe Omotayo-Ojo over unpaid salaries

17th October 2022

Employees of BusyInternet Ghana Limited have slammed the Group CEO and owner of Aguila Holdings Horpe Omotayo-Ojo for deliberately failing to pay staff salaries despite the country’s economic hardship.

According to the aggrieved employees, they are owed salary arrears dating from 2017 to 2021; stressing that all attempts to get the owner to redeem the many promises he has made to employees to settle these arrears haven’t materialized.

More so, our pension payments are also in default as well as our pay obligation to the state.

Sadly, two employees died during medical emergencies due to financial hardship in the last two years, when no regular salary was being paid.

He bought a brand new Mercedes 4×4 for the Director and also donated 200,000 dollars to a church while his employees died due to their inability to settle their hospital bills.

“As we write to you, our lte sites are down, with no indication of any reboot. This is largely due to the company’s indebtedness to ATC.

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We also risk a shutdown from the Ghana revenue authority any moment from now,” they divulged.

To justify this deliberate act, Horpe Omotayo-Ojo claims the company is going through all these challenges under the very inimical tower co-location arrangement in Ghana.

Busy Ghana has been disconnected by both ATC Ghana and Helios Towers due to their huge unpaid legacy debts to the two towercos, which have piled up over the years.

To be candid, we the employees can state unequivocally that this justification by the Group CEO is mendacious and baseless.

The irony of our situation is that this company has been a running contract with the government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Education. We are the provider of the flagship free WiFi for all SHS in Ghana.

This 84 million contract was signed on December 24, 2019. To this effect, the Ministry pays 6.4 as a monthly service usage charge every month.


The company and its employees are not directly benefiting from this contract because the owner who doubles as the Group CEO and owner of Aguila Holdings has hijacked proceeds from the contract just to fatten his own pocket.

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It is crystal clear that the Group CEO maliciously chose not to pay attention to the plight of employees despite all of these opportunities.

“The big question is first of all how did he get the MOE contract in the first place when the company’s license has not been renewed?

What about not registering BusyInternet before getting the government contract? Aguilar being registered in British Virgin Island to avoid tax,” they disclosed.


As a matter of urgency, we the employees, are calling on the National Communications Authority which regulates the company’s operations to call the Group CEO to order to help save the indigenous Ghanaian brand from collapse as well as the livelihood of over 100 employees and their dependents.

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