Agbogbloshie Clashes: Gov’t moves to disarm residents

The Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery has directed the country’s security personnel to start a ‘door-to-door’ operation at the Agbogbloshie Konkomba Yam Market to retrieve ‘illegal weapons’ from residents.

Clashes between Konkombas and Dagombas at the Yam market on Tuesday has reportedly claimed three lives during a gun battle between the feuding parties.

This has rekindled discussions on the proliferation of weapons in civilian communities with many calling for the disarmament of all weapons in the area.

Speaking in an interview, the Interior Minister stated that as part of investigations into the clashes, police and military personnel on the ground have been given the go ahead and retrieve all the illegal weapons in the possession of civilians within the area.

“Both the police and soldiers have the capacity to seek out the arms and to recover them if you hold them illegally and that is part of the operations that they did yesterday to make sure that they dominated the area to prevent further fighting.

“The investigation is going to be total. If you have weapons that you don’t have licenses to or you have weapons you licenses to but you have used for an illegal purpose, all those will be part of the investigations”, Mr Dery stated.

Responding to reports to of political undertones in the clashes, he stated that investigations into the incident will be devoid of any political colouration.

“Lawlessness by supporters of a political party simply because their party has won an election is unacceptable”, he stated, reiterating that, “wrongdoing has no political colour”.

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