Aftermath of crunch EC-IPAC meeting

More staggering revelations continue to come out from the EC as as many opposition political parties and CSOs in Ghana continue to probe further into their desperate plans by EC to compile a new voters register. Indeed the higher the monkey 🐒 climbs, the more it exposes its ass to paraphrase Hon. ABA Fuseini.

How on earth does the Electoral Commission of Ghana under the leadership of slay queen Jean Mensah et al. think that finishing an exhibition exercise of a proposed new voters register on 8th November 2020 will be prudent to use same register for December 7 elections? These crooks at the EC are up to an evil 👿 agenda that will potentially plunge Ghana into a state of chaos if they don’t abort their infamous new register nonsense.

So effectively, it means that even if the EC decides to go ahead as they planned, and even end the voter exhibition on 8th November 2020 as claimed, they will need several days afterwards to clean and sanitize the register thus illumination of possible multiple registrations, correction of names and all other necessary corrections that usually come after the exhibition of the voters register. When the law requires the EC to make the register available to political parties 21 days before the general elections.

Clearly, this is a recipe for chaos and total confusion.
The presidential candidates and parliamentary candidates all need copies of the register in order to file their respective nominations. So when will they file their nominations and when will the elections be held?

The cost of aborting this useless so-called new voters register agenda is far lesser than the unknown consequences the so-called new register will visit on Ghana mark my words. This is not doom mongering. Violence is always asleep until people decide to wake it up. The actions of this slay queen EC boss is tantamount to visiting violence on Ghana. Let’s all resist this with our might together.

Let everyone who cherish the political stability Ghana has enjoyed in the last 28 years rise up and together let’s stop the blood thirsty goons at the EC.

This so-called new voters register madness by the EC slay queen Jean Mensah and her cohorts will jeopardize the political stability of Ghana.

Let no true citizen of the land sit down aloof and allow things to degenerate or get to a point of no return, before people start calling on UN to intervene and the international community to intervene.

A discredited election is a recipe for chaos and violence. This is not what Ghana needs this year.

Whose interest is the EC supposed to serve? Akufo Addo or Ghanaians in general? All the EC knows is to be singing chorus about article 146 of the 1992 constituency which talks about their mandate.
How did the EC get that mandate or power? That power was given by the people of Ghana and the EC should stop acting like they are special creatures of God.

The same constitution says that power resides in the people on whose behalf and interest the EC must first serve not parochial interest as they are doing.

We have all seen the consequences of disputed elections in Africa and beyond.
Nobody is calling for violence but let those who are beating the war drums thus slay queen Jean Mensah and her cohorts must be the first to take caution and listen reasonably voices against the new voters register.

Let me give you this scenario. For fire 🔥 to occur artificially, three factors or things must be present 1) combustible material, 2) Oxygen and 3)Ignition. Same can be likened to political violence. The conditions of general elections globally and especially in our part of the world could often be likened to number 1 and 2 in the above scenario. What Jean Mensah et al. are doing now can be likened to number 3 in the fire scenario. Our elections are usually characterized by very tensed political atmosphere with so many flash-points across that only need a trigger to spark confusion. Jean Mensah et al are simply providing the ignition or trigger by their desperate actions.

In 2016 general elections over 5000 flash points were identified by Ghana police service. Certainly this year could be more given the general insecurity in the whole country

I fear for Ghana if this so-called new register madness is not aborted immediately by this slay queen.

I am a citizen.

Baba Musah

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