Afoko’s suspension linked to criminal allegations against brother

It has been revealed that NPP National Chairman Paul Afoko was suspended partly because of criminal allegations against his brother who has been accused of murdering an NPP regional chairman.

Although the court is yet to determine Gregory Afoko’s culpability in a tragic acid attack on NPP Upper East Regional Chairman Adams Mahama, it did not stop a petitioner Alhaji Sulemana Yirimea from citing it as one of several reasons for his call for the suspension of Paul Afoko.

Alhaji Sulemana Yirimea suggested that the linkage of Paul Afoko’s family to the murder could be used by government to distract the party.

It puts Paul Afoko “at the mercy of the Attorney-General” and for that matter the government of the NDC, their main political rival.

Alhaji Yirimea argues that the linkage of Paul Afoko’s family to murder of Upper East Chairman, compromises the NPP Chairman’s ability to be effective in the northern part of the country.

“If he continues to lead us like this to the election, we should forget it”, the petitioner said in buttressing the call for his suspension.
The petitioners, Alhaji Yirimea and Alhaji Mohammed Aminu Amadu filed separate petitions listing a combined total of 13 complaints against the NPP Chairman now on suspension.

The complaints include the controversial decision of Paul Afoko to launch a membership registration and fundraising exercise although the National Executive Council was yet to agree on the project.

The petitioner says the move by Afoko “led to a lot of bad press, confusion and bad blood”.

Portions of the petition by Alhaji Yirimea reads:

I am very grieved to say that several members of the public became very sad and worried at a time when our party flagbearer was making progress in Regional tours. This good news was blighted by the bad press.

NEC and the National Council of the NPP are not meeting as should be expected. The party leaders cannot meet to direct affairs. Our constitution intends collective leadership. We cannot go to elections with what is happening now.

Under chairman’s leadership, and against the Constitution, which gives powers to appoint or sanction Directors within the party to NEC, the former Director of Finance and Administration was dismissed without even a hearing.

Confusion erupted. Chairman and General Secretary spoke to media and the party’s name came to disrepute. Our opponents, said, for example, that those who claim to be apostles of Rule of Law cannot even give people a hearing before sacking them. Can these people rule Ghana? I felt ashamed. Other cases included Perry Okudjeto.

How many times should we allow Police and Security Agencies to occupy our Party Headquarters? This is the leadership style of our present Party boss. One bad case was sacking all our loyal security over the years.

It is sad that once the party is doing very well in the eye of the public something comes up from the Executive to set us back. The Chairman has divided NEC and NEC is not working.

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