Advocate For Gay Rights Falls From Palanquin At His Chief’s Inauguration

30th January 2022

Davis Mac Iyalla, a well-known Nigerian advocate for LGBT rights activists and now the Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region, accidentally slipped out of the palanquin that was carrying him at his coronation.
On the weekend, Davis Mac Iyalla was sworn in as Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region, where he pledged to advocate for human rights. Many chiefs and elders from Osu in Accra, Elmina, Mankessim, and Cape Coast were present for the ritual. The police were there to keep the procession peaceful.

Davis Mac Iyalla, addressing the crowd after the customary procedures were completed, said, “By the grace of God I practice what I teach, and that is human rights for all persons.” He explained that he had been born in Nigeria but had now become a British citizen. Discrimination is something I will not stand for. You are a fellow human being whether you are tall, short, black, white, yellow, or green, and I will fight to the death for that notion. Regardless of the cost to me. That said, I refuse to become a hypocrite now or ever. It’s not necessary that you agree with me, but you should at least respect my opinion,” he said.

Although there were many people who attempted to stop the event, Iyalla reminded them that they were the “same people who had appointed foreigners chiefs and benefitted from it.”
Many people have seen the viral footage of the palanquin crashing to the ground from above their heads. People can be heard shouting and saying “Jesus” in the footage as they try to prevent the chief from falling out of the palanquin. Screams are followed by the sight of a crowd running to the spot where the palanquin has crashed

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