Advise yourself else you’ll lose respect – Lawyer Edudzi Tamakloe

Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle constituency is on the brink of losing the respect his constituents have for him following the needless legal fights he has resorted to, in relation to the NDC primary, Counsel for Dr. Zanetor Rawlings, Lawyer Edudzi Tamakloe has warned.

Lawyer Edudzi contends that Nii Armah Ashietey’s posturing on the needless fights may “move him from a glorious position to an inglorious one.”

According to him, the litigant’s[Ashietey] time is past and he may have to respect the views of the electorates who gave him the mandate sometime back.

“The seat may not be yours forever – It is his responsibility to abide by the rules of the NDC party which he’s a member of,” he added.

The Supreme Court has cleared Dr Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings to go ahead and hold herself as the elected Parliamentary nominee for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Klottey Korle constituency.

This means that when the Electoral Commission opens up nominations for contestants, she can go ahead and file as a candidate for the NDC in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

In a 4-1 majority decision on Monday, the court said a person was only deemed a candidate after the Electoral Commission (EC) opens the opportunity for parties to submit the names of their nominees elected from their parties primaries and that has not happened yet thus nullified the case challenging the nominee not being qualified.

The court also directed the High Court to give a ruling in line with the determination by the Supreme Court.

But Nii Armah Ashietey is still contending that the substantive case he filed at the High court against the nominee’s eligibility still lingers and remained debatable despite the Supreme court’s ruling.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM Tuesday, Lawyer Tamakloe said the plaintiff must heed to the course of justice, insisting that the parliamentary seat is not meant for him alone.

“So far as we are concerned, we have only one opponent and that is Lawyer Philip Addison. We’ll do our best under the circumstances to assist Dr. Zanetor to retain the seat for the NDC,” he added.

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