Abusive’’ Commanding Officer sparks concerns in Ghana Army

The repercussions of what some describe as overly political appointments within Ghana’s military, are surfacing as reports emerge of abuse of power by officer beneficiaries.

A recent incident at the 5 Infantry Battalion, has drawn attention to the issue, where the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Owusu Afriyie, allegedly humiliated subordinate commission officers through an unconventional and degrading punishment.

In this particular incident, Lt Col Owusu Afriyie, purportedly punished the commission officers for being late to an event by forcing them to carry logs in the presence of their subordinates who were seen laughing uncontrollably at the officers.

The act, deemed humiliating and against the established disciplinary norms of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), has raised concerns about the influence of political appointments on the military hierarchy.

The affected commission officers, who hold esteemed positions, reportedly suffered a blow to their self-esteem as a result of the embarrassing public punishment.

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