Abu Ramadan Alleges Irregularities In EC`s List Submitted To Supreme Court

Abu Ramadan
Lawyers for Abu Ramadan have raised issues of irregularities in the list of names of people who used NHIS submitted by the Electoral Commission to the Supreme Court.

The lead counsel, Frank Davies told the Supreme Court that after random sampling of the documents, he saw that some of the names on the list do not have NHIS card numbers whereas some have.

Mr Davis also said some of the documents are not clearly written.

In a response to those concerns, Lawyer for the EC, Thadeus Sony said the compilation was done manually and the omissions could be an oversight.

The Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood ordered Mr. Davies to file a written submission of his objections to the Court Registry by 11am on Monday.

The Court has therefore adjourned to Tuesday the 5th of July, to give its ruling on the application for clarification and further directions filed by Abu Ramadan.

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